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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Arizona Visit

I'm writing this on Saturday morning but posting Sunday. As you're reading this, we are on the road heading towards Colorado. The weather report doesn't look particularly sunny, so keep us in your thoughts! I don't think it'll be too bad but it isn't ideal.

I wanted to write a post about our time in Arizona! We've been here since Monday evening and we've been busy. I wish we could stay longer, but there are always others to see. Unfortunately, with divorced parents, each one gets less time with us than if they were together. Story of my life!

Tuesday (Valentine's Day), we all went shopping and out to lunch. That was me, Brandon, my sister Jessica, my mom and the two babies. Jessica's husband Andy came over later. My mom made a yummy dinner and we all hung out before bed. It was a nice day!
Wednesday was more of the same. We actually left Penny with my mom for an hour and a half to run to the local Air Force base to find some shoes for Brandon. We came back with no shoes and a fresh haircut, and picked up my sister and her baby on the way. My sister brought over some games and we fell in love with Ticket To Ride. That night we went over to the barn (my mom's boyfriend has horses) and we watched barrel racing after getting some burgers.
Thursday was super fun! Again, we went in search for some darn running shoes in the morning and finally found them at Sports Authority. We stopped at a bunch of other stores and got Chipotle for lunch, my first time in over a year and Brandon's first in almost three!

Then after lunch we picked up Jessica and us girls went horseback riding! My mom's boyfriend works at a trail ride place and we got to go up. I used to ride horses so it was super fun for me. Jessica was terrified but had a good time. My butt was hurting at the end of it, though. Later, after I rushed back home to Brandon to feed Penny, us two left her with my mom and went to shoot our guns a bit at the back of the horse property. We hadn't shot them in so long!

 Friday, my mom brought us girls out to get pedicures. After that, we split up - my mom went to a furniture store and us kids went shopping again! I had to pick up a book I ordered from Barnes & Noble's, and while we were out we went to lunch at Red Robin. We had to stop at a gun store before heading back to relax at home. That night, Andy brought over games again after he got off work and we played before they left and we went to bed.

BTW, Penny has decided the last two nights to sleep 8.5 to 9 hours. Wow!
And now it's Saturday here! I'm not sure what we're doing during the day, but tonight we're bringing everyone out to one last dinner before our drive. We're also checking out the Star Tower (I'll show pictures once we're in Colorado).

It's been so great visiting family!


  1. Love love LOVE that last picture of Penny all splayed out on the couch!! Too cute! Sounds like y'all had fun visiting with your mom and got a lot squeezed into a short amount of time! So glad to hear that Penny is enjoying some good quality SLEEP while you're traveling too. :) Be safe driving!

  2. Cute pictures! What part of Arizona were you in? Im in the east valley. I love it here...well most of the time anyways :)


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