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Monday, January 30, 2012

Pro Bowl 2012

We went to the Pro Bowl yesterday!
We figured since we're about to leave Hawaii, we might as well go. The tickets weren't that expensive at all, either. We ended up going with friends of ours from the ROTC days and it was great to catch up with them! There was a good group of us and we had a great time.

Our day began bright and early. Actually, even earlier because Penny is sick (poor baby, I gave her my cold). I was up every half hour all night dealing with a congested baby. :(

Anyway, bright and early! We headed down to the game to meet our friends at 9:30am to tailgate. Surprisingly, we managed to meet them at the exact same time, even though we were both coming from different directions. It worked out because then we had two parking spots to tailgate from, not one!

Our group expanded with some more friends as the day wore on. We tailgated until just before 2pm when the game started. We filed into the stadium and found our seats. I was kind of mad because when we had bought the tickets, they had told us that section was in the shade. Come to find out, the other side of the stadium was shaded! Brandon and I ended up hanging out in the shaded area until the sun went down a bit.
Me with Penny in the Ergo.
Brandon at the game!

I've never been to a football game and this was Brandon's first professional one. It was pretty fun! Not that I know much about football, but I like a good game. We ended up staying for three quarters before heading home before the traffic began. Plus, we had TONS of laundry to do before the movers came and Penny was just miserable.
Unhappy baby.

But hey, all in all it was a good day with friends and our little family! I'm glad we went and stayed for most of the game! Though I was super super exhausted...

A couple family photos :)


  1. How fun!! I am determined to go next year! Last year Daniel was at NTC, and this year obviously was a no go. But, next year the Army, life or anything else better not get in my way. It looks like you guys had a blast! I miss tailgating and football.

  2. Fun! I don't watch pro football, but going to games is so much fun! Did you rework your layout? It's super-cute!


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