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Monday, January 9, 2012

Moving House

It's January 9th. That means that in only a few short weeks, we'll be packing up. And in about a month, we'll be flying off this island. OMG.

It kind of snuck up on me. Remember how Brandon got into flight school way back in July? While he's been working on getting us out of here, I've been working on a baby. I told him I wasn't going to worry about moving until I had her. Well, I had her. And then I didn't worry too much until about a week ago when I really realized, Crap, we're moving SOON.

We don't have official orders yet, but Brandon is working on it. We know when we're going to leave. We don't know when the movers are coming, but we have an idea. It's within the next few weeks...

So now I have tons to do... short list:

- Inventory our big ticket items in case they get broken/stolen.
- Get Dexter ready to fly, and then send him.
- Figure out which hotel we want to stay at for our 10 days TLA (Waikiki perhaps?)
- Find a cleaner for our house (because we don't want to do it!)
- Pack suitcases for 3 people for a month and a half...
- Enjoy Hawaii while we're still here.
- Everything else!

It'll be a busy time. I mean, I'm looking forward to moving on to our next adventure, but holy crap... it's coming up fast. I don't feel prepared at all!


  1. We used Maid of Honor to clean our house. Totally worth $300 to not have to worry about cleaning my house while taking care of an infant and everything else! Good luck.

  2. Be very cautious about which movers you pick, or do some research if the Army assigns you one. My parents had a moving company move us off base from Griffiss AFB and the company, which was recommended as being a good mover for military families, stole about $500 in CDs and movies from them.


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