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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Carry Me!

We're kind of a "hippy" when it comes to our baby. We planned an all-natural birth with delayed cord clamping and immediate skin-to-skin. We use cloth diapers, we aren't vaccinating at this point, I exclusively breastfeed, and I'm currently researching baby-led weaning for when she starts solids. (All these things are done after research and what felt right for us, I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad for what they did with their own kids!). I think the only "hippy" thing we aren't doing is co-sleeping because a) I don't sleep all that well with her in there, and b) Penny just doesn't seem to like it. She sleeps in our room right beside me in the pack'n'play, though!

Anyway... baby wearing! This is more convenience than anything. I don't like lugging around that carseat, do you? Sure, I use the stroller a lot... but I'm really trying to wear her more.

When my mother-in-law offered to buy me a Moby wrap, I was all over it! So cool! I got it, learned to use it, and I love it. Buuuuttt Penny doesn't seem to like it. If she's asleep, she's fine inside it. If I put her in while she's awake or if she wakes up while in the wrap, she starts screaming. Ugh. I've tried loosening it and different positions, but nothing changes it.

That baby looks so nice and snug... boo.

Christina had bought me a Snugli carrier from the Thrift Shop way early on in the pregnancy for cheap, in case. I decided to break it out and see how Penny liked it and... it worked! She just hung there and looked around, all chill. Maybe it was her mood, I don't know, but it worked. So I told Brandon, we're getting another carrier. I didn't like the Snugli because it was cheap and old. I needed something that would last and was comfy.

Oh, and while we're PCSing, we won't have a stroller with us. Definitely needed a carrier!!

We decided on the Ergo, but then I heard about the Beco Butterfly 2 and we had to try it out. Yesterday, we drove to a store nearby to test it. It was nice, I liked it alright. Might have even bought it! (It's this one below, but it was all black).

Then we went to Babies R Us and tested out the Ergo baby carrier. So much better! We both just liked the feel of it more than the Beco, and Penny seemed to really enjoy it. But Babies R Us didn't have the color we liked (the photo below), so we ended up calling another baby store down the road and they had it! Off we went!

So yay, we have a new Ergo carrier! It comes just in time - we're going to the Pro Bowl on Sunday and needed a good way to carry her during the game. Plus, movers come on Tuesday and no more stroller after that. I'm a little sad about the Moby... but we'll keep it around for when she's bigger, hopefully she'll like it more. And for the next baby!


  1. I LOVED my Ergo! It was the best investment ever! We used it with my daughter until she was around 4 (as the backpack carrier). She really liked being in it and my husband liked it because it wasn't too girly! The other one that I had for when she was an infant was the New Native sling. I wasn't sure about using a sling at first but she loved it, I could nurse her while wearing it, and when she was older she could sit in it and look around. Both of them were great! Glad that you found something that worked!

  2. Yep, I am kind of a "hippie" when it comes to my babies too :) And I LOVE being able to carry them! I used a Moby wrap and we had a baby Bjorn, but I quickly learned the limitations of the Bjorn, so we got a Catbird Carrier - it is a lot like the Ergo or the Beco, just a smaller brand that I ended up going with. I love that thing, and even now, L begs to go on my back in it :)

  3. This is totally random (and perhaps a little creepy) but I saw a comment you left on Flip Flops and Combat Boots that said you were moving to Ft Rucker? I actually follow your blog too (I know, it's getting even creepier!), and wanted to let you know that I grew up right outside of Ft Rucker (in Enterprise) and if you have any questions about the area, please email me! My husband and I are stationed at Ft Campbell right now, but my parents and lots of friends are still in Enterprise. Good luck with your move! I can't imagine how hard it must be to say goodbye to HAWAII and what's up Alabama... lol

    PS. I just got a Moby wrap and am scared to death that I will not tie the thing correctly and my baby will fall right out. Here's to hoping I figure it out before s/he arrives! :)

  4. The Ergo is my all time favorite baby item. I still wear my daughter reguarly and she is 21 months old (and a big baby and I am tiny-still comfy). You definitely made the right choice!

  5. Johanna loved the moby as soon as she could face outward, so you still have hope!! But I secretly always prefered our baby bjorn over the wrap- those carriers are awesome for the airport too, enjoy!


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