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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pretty Penny

I'm sure y'all have been wondering where I've been since my last somewhat upset post, huh?

Well, we've been busy taking care of this:

Yep, we had her!!

I'd like to introduce our daughter...

Penelope Ann

Born December 16, 2011
at 1:05am
6 lbs 12 oz
18 in long

We are so happy and loving every minute with her!

Birth story and all kinds of goodies to follow ;)


  1. aww YAY! she's so pretty! I'm so happy for yall! I feel like I have followed everything :) So awesome! Congrats!

  2. Congrats, chickadee!! She's absolutely precious!!

  3. She's such a sweetpea! Congratulations!

  4. congrats & I LOVE her name!!! : )

  5. Congrats! Beautiful name for a beautiful baby:) So happy for you guys!

  6. Penelope! I love LOVE her name! And she is just beautiful! Congratulations - soak up every moment with her!

  7. Congrats! I love her name and look forward to reading the birth story.

  8. She is beautiful! Congratulations!

  9. congrats shes adorable!! cant wait to read your birth story! have fun taking care of that angel!

  10. Congratulations!!! She is beautiful! I am so happy and excited for you both!


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