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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nothing More Special

There's nothing more special than a daddy's love for his little girl.

We've been home for only a few days and Brandon has been such a help.

He's eager to hold her. He wants to burp her when I finish feeding. He wraps her up, changes her clothes, and holds her when I'm struggling to move.

He won't change poopy diapers, but it's a small compromise. ;)

The best, most wonderful thing he will do?

Brandon just wants to cuddle with his little girl on his chest.

Seeing him so proud, so in love, and loving every minute spent close to his daughter brings tears to my eyes. I married a good guy and I'm grateful that he's the father of our baby!


  1. hes so cute with her! btw my husband wont do the poopy diaper thing either.
    She really is a doll and on your last post I am glad your recoving very well! I hope you get lots of rest and take it as easy as a new mommy can :)

  2. That is so gorgeous Chantal, you can see the pride and love all over his face, So glad it is all over for you, rest up as much as you can and enjoy your first magical Christmas together as a little family :)

    Love and Hugs from a very wet and unusually cold Sydney xxxx

  3. thumbs up for daddy-daughter bonding!!


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