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Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 4

Day Four: Something Green

I wasn't entirely inspired today. I don't know why!

We don't have much green around the house, so I decided to take Dexter on his usual afternoon walk with my camera over my shoulder to take some pictures of nature. Thank goodness I live in Hawaii and everything is still bright and green.

It's hot outside, by the way! And that short 15 minute walk wore. me. out.

I stopped to take a photo of a palm tree right outside my house. It's so weird, being from Colorado we never really had palm trees around... now I'm so used to them.
 I wanted to take a photo of this huge tree in the park across from my house. Brandon and I don't know what types of trees these are (we affectionately call them "spread trees" because of the branches) but we think they are the coolest in the world. This tree is seriously HUGE. I love it.

This is also the park where I play fetch with Dexter in the morning. :)
 And some more leaves with the sky.

I'm having fun actually using my camera and playing with the different settings. I can't wait until Baby Girl is here and I can start taking a bazillion pictures of her!

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