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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This week is the week of baby blog posts! But really, ever since Penny was born, this has been my life. That's what it's like with a newborn!

Oh, btw, if some of my blog posts are filled with typos and stuff... it's probably the awesome meds they have me on. Sometimes they make me a bit loopy ;) I'm not complaining, it really helps with the c-section pain!

We've been adjusting well to having the baby around. I'm learning really quickly that 24 hours feels only like 12 hours with a baby around. Seriously, it was dinner time yesterday and I had barely done a thing! But we'll figure it out and develop a new schedule. Right now I'm concentrating on resting (which is super hard for this girl) and figuring out this little baby.

When Penny was born, we were trying to figure out two things: Her name and who she looked like. We went to the hospital planning to name her either Victoria Marie or Penelope Ann. It's funny, before we met her, we were leaning towards Victoria. It just felt right. Well, once I had her in my arms, I tried to call her Victoria a few times, and my mind kept going back to Penny. Man, was it hard naming her! I wanted to give her a name that day, though, and 12 hours after she was born we decided: Penelope Ann it is. I think it fits wonderfully!

We spent a lot of time looking at her, trying to see who she looked like the most. The brown hair, that's definitely me; Brandon was born blond. We decided she has my small ears and my looooong tree climber toes. Lips? Probably me too. It was her eyes we weren't sure of... we both agreed that she looked a little more like Brandon in the eye-forehead area, but now a few days out, she's looking more and more like my little clone.

This is me as a little little baby back in 1987. It's a sucky picture (the photo is blurry, and then I took a pic of it!), but you can kind of see my eyes.
These are two photos of Penny that people have commented on the most saying that she looks like me. The first one, she's in a bit of a milk daze. Yummy milk!

Yeah, I think she looks like me. Uh oh. That's ok, I'm pretty cute ;). It's so fun to have a baby and learn all about her!

And don't worry, I'll be getting back to my 30 day photo challenge. Hopefully tonight! The photo challenge I'm on is "sunset" and honestly, I just keep forgetting to go outside when the sun is setting!


  1. Love this! My daughter looks a lot like me in most of my baby pictures too, and it's so cool- not necessarily that she looks like me, poor, thing, but to see the similarities.

  2. She definitely looks like you! When we came to see you, I kinda thought she looked a little more like Brandon... But I think I'm going to change my mind now. =P She's adorable! I'm going to have to come over when we get back and play with her. ;-)

    I'm glad you're doing well and taking your meds... Even if they do lead to typos. =P

  3. She's so cute! Our son looks just like my husband and people always ask if he's really mine. But my daughter is the spitting image of me as a little girl! It's fun - we both have a mini me! Enjoy this special time with your sweet little girl!

  4. She is absolutely adorable, I am so happy for you & your husband!!! Love seeing all of the pics!!!


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