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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I'm a ticking time-bomb.

BTW, I'll post my 39 week update later. I have things to get out of my head.

We had our 39 week appointment this morning. It started out rough: We hit traffic on the way there and then couldn't find good parking. Brandon dropped me off so I could check in (already a few minutes past my appointment time). He found a parking spot and was able to get in before they took me back.

I stripped down because I wanted to get checked. Good news: I've dilated 1cm and effaced a bit (though less than 50% at this point). Then the midwife went to get the ultrasound machine because she needed to check something. Uh oh.

Baby Girl decided she wanted to be breech.

Of course, this is what we had been worried about for awhile now. Babies in my family are notorious for flipping around a lot and being breech until the last possible moment. Just last week she was head down and today? Back to breech. Frustrating, little baby, frustrating.

So our 15 minute appointment ended up taking longer. She sent us up to Labor & Delivery for a non-stress test (all good there) and to get counseled by the head midwife (who is the awesome midwife we saw last week). They tossed around a lot of terms: External cephalic version, c-section, presentation, etc. etc.

This is where we stand, coming out of the appointment: We don't want to schedule a c-section or do an external version. We're going to do all that we can to naturally turn this baby around. If it comes to it that I'm in labor and she's still breech, then it'll be a c-section. At that point, at least we tried everything we could.

The head midwife gave us a number for an acupuncturist and we called and got an appointment right then! So we headed over there after lunch. I got a moxibustion done (where they put some hot herbs near certain points). It has a 60% success rate. Brandon and I don't care, because we'll try anything at this point. We're open to all kinds of options!

Another option: If we can get baby to turn, we could induce. I'm nervous about the idea but I don't want to tempt fate and have her turn back around the other way, you know?

Now I'm nervous to go into labor in case she's still breech! But it is what it is.

We finally made it home just after 2... Brandon had to change and rush to work. He'll probably be working late, poor guy. He said he didn't mind! My whole day has been thrown off because of these unexpected turns. Either way, we'll come out with a baby in the end! I'm just hoping it all goes well. Positive thoughts that this baby will turn!

Bleh, while I'm here, I might as well post my 30 Day Photo Challenge photos!

Day 6: Low Angle Shot

I decided Winston should get his moment to shine. I got him checking out the birds on the window sill, and then I put him on his cat tower to get another shot. He was very cooperative.


  1. Turn baby turn!! :)
    Thinking of you..

  2. eep! and LOL i like how megan put it! : )

    the winston pics are cuuuute. love the photo challenge!

  3. Hey! It's Emiy from facebook/Colorado :) :) Just read your blog and love reading about all the babies coming. Just remember whatever happens it will work out in the end. I had to be induced and it was ...hard... but I was able to go med free so don't rule it out as an option if need be! It's tough and not something you want, but if it means baby comes vaginally it's worth it. I've also had tons of friends end up w/ surprise c-sections and baby got here safe and sound. I know it's hard with all the classes you've taken to possibly have your plan go a different way, but it is all worth it I promise! (But I still bet your little girl flips for you!!) Can't wait to hear about it babies are so exciting :)

  4. Sending prayers your way for baby girl to turn!


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