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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baby's First Christmas

I woke up on Christmas morning to a hungry baby and poop in the hallway - yay. It was 5:30am, an early start to the day! I quickly fixed both situations and came downstairs to see the presents under the tree.

Granted, the presents had been there pretty much all week. There were two extra boxes for me, though, that Brandon put out that night. I had an idea what the big one held but it was still exciting to see it. It wasn't time to open anything yet, we had to get situated with coffee (for the others) and a Christmas outfit on our little baby.

We had bought some personalized ornaments a couple days before. Here's the one we got for Penny's first Christmas:
We started with the stockings, of course. Brandon got me a nice spread including my fave candy, Ferrero Rocher, some bath stuff, a chocolate orange and all natural root beer. He got a bunch of candy from me, Pez from his mom, and some coffee samplers. His mom got a nice Hawaiian spread from us.

After resting from the stockings, we decided to open our presents! We started with gifts for the baby because, well, she's the baby. She slept through the whole thing, but we had fun. Penny got some clothes, a playtime mat, a Sophie the Giraffe toy, a Leapfrog Violet dog, and a bunch of other little toys. She also got a necklace from my mom, which is a tradition with new babies.

Brandon got a whole bunch of Glenn Beck books (he loves that guy) and the final Michael Crichton book, which was a total surprise to him! He also got a remote control helicopter, a torque wrench, and a new wallet, amongst other things.

I got Sims Medieval (which I have yet to play...), an herb mill, a mortar & pestle, and the big gift: a KitchenAid stand mixer! That's what the big box was holding. Woo.
 Anyway, enough about gifts. We spent the entire morning making stuff! First was cinnamon rolls, which we made in the mixer. Then we had to prep the turkey, get the green bean casserole ready, make some broth, and prep the stuffing. Brandon and I couldn't sneak away to shower until well past noon!

We spent the afternoon relaxing and then ate our dinner about 5pm. It was delicious! We finished off Christmas with a walk around the neighborhood and a couple board games. It was a fun Christmas, made especially great because Brandon was home and we had Penny in our arms!


  1. Adorable!!! Glad you got to share Christmas with your baby girl!!!

  2. I finally got a chance to catch up with my favorite blogs and yours was my first stop! Your daughter is precious :) So glad that you are enjoying every second!

  3. love the turtle ornament, that is awesome!! : )


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