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Friday, December 2, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

On the suggestion of a fellow blogger, I decided to start a 30 Day Photo Challenge!

Because it's not like I have anything else to do this month, right? :P

I browsed on Pinterest for a bit until I found one that I liked.

And then, since I got a haircut today... I decided that I would just go ahead and start! 

I did set some ground rules for myself. First, I don't HAVE to go 30 days in a row. I will be spending some time in the hospital having a baby and all, and then with the holidays... well, you know. I just want to do the 30 challenges and get a feel for my new camera and start experimenting. Second... well, have some fun.

Today's Challenge: Self-Portrait.

Well, that sounded easy enough. I'm going to run you through my process. And yes, I am posting more than one photo. Because it's my blog and I can. :P

I started with the standard in-the-mirror photo. I took a bunch. I didn't like most of them.
 So then I stepped back and tried a different view. Well, the camera focused on other things and again... I didn't like it.
 Ah! I knew what to do! Standard arms-length photo!

I took a break and ate lunch, attacked Brandon with tickles, and tried to come up with a different plan. I scoured the internet looking for self-portrait tips. I got a bit of inspiration and when Brandon left for work, I headed outside.

I sat down on the step and took some photos. I think the natural light turned out much better.
 I decided to make a funny face!
 And then Dexter did something funny in the corner and I thought, Hey! Side photo!
 And then this happened...
 I decided to end the photo shoot with a close up of my eyes. I thought they were a pretty greenish color today, though it's harder to see in this photo. I edited this photo in another program to make it lighter, but I wanted to give you guys the original product: pores and all.

My eyes look a lot like my moms... yikes.

And that was my Day 1 adventure!


  1. i like that you shared the adventure w/ us!! : )

  2. Great pictures. Your eyes look beautiful!


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