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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Oh, am I exhausted.

The third trimester tiredness has finally caught up to me! It isn't as bad as the first trimester (where I was literally laying on the couch barely able to watch TV), but it hits me about the same time - 2pm. I just get so tired for a few hours!

And today didn't help. First, we spent a good hour this morning perusing garage sales. Ended up with a baby chair for $2 and a couple dresses for $1! Score. Then we were off to the chiropractor. I got adjusted for the first time! It was fun. I certainly hope it helps get this baby turned around. After that? Off to the NEX, browsing the various tents, then buying some storage bins. And it didn't end there. After Panda Express for lunch, we went to the outlet malls. We exchanged some stuff at Carters, bought 5 bras at Motherhood, and got our free monthly chocolate at Godiva.


This was from like 8am to 3pm. Non-stop. Now we're home and I still need to write my daily word quota for NaNoWriMo. I've been ahead of the game so far, but it's slowly catching up to me.

And sometime before bed, we need to play with Dexter and get some of HIS energy out.

BTW, staff duty went great! I kept very busy. Poor Brandon could barely make it through Friday, he was so tired.

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