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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pregnancy: What They Don't Tell You

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I've had several people ask me if at this point, I'm ready to just be done with pregnancy. I tell them no, not yet, because truly, I'm not. It hasn't been THAT bad for me and I haven't had any real complaints, even at this point. Oh, and the whole giving birth and then coming home with a baby is freaking me out a little bit as the day approaches!

Anyway, my little sister (who is now un-pregnant and has a cute baby girl) and I would spend many a day complaining about random pregnancy things. We would always say, no one ever told us about this. Because really, unless you're reading the books or experiencing it first-hand, you only hear a little bit of pregnancy things. The usual: Morning sickness, being tired, swelling, stretch marks...

I want to let you know some of the other stuff that they don't tell you about!

Your body will hurt in places you wouldn't expect.
It started with a pain in my butt... literally. My right butt cheek hurt! Come to find out, it was probably sciatic nerve pain, yay. I've had sharp pains in my left mid-back, ribs that felt like they were popping out of my body, and shooting pains up and down my legs at night. Owies.

If you don't know what that is, look it up :P

Along those lines... going to the bathroom won't be as exciting anymore.
Yep, I'm being candid here, I don't look forward to bathroom trips anymore. First, I just go way too much now! Second, it's harder to maneuver once you get bigger. Third... well, things hurt going out. (See previous entry).

You'll be exhausted.
Like unbelievably, inexplicably, exhausted. Since I didn't announce my pregnancy to the world until the second trimester, I couldn't explain to most everyone why between the times of 2 and 4, I just wanted to pass out. Then the second trimester I was fine. Now I get tired so easily from the shortest activities!

Feeling the baby move is super cool, but also weird.
It's magical to imagine a little person growing inside of you until she kicks you in the bladder. And then seeing your stomach move up and down is kinda... creepy. But I like it. :P

You'll go numb.
This doesn't happen to everyone, but it happened to my sister and I. Her belly was numb from the belly button down. I'm numb along my right ribs between my belly and my boob. (Don't worry, it's perfectly fine, I checked.)

You'll drop everything...
Seriously, everything falls out of my hands. Usually electronics into water.

...and you won't be able to pick it up.
It's hard to bend over! Good thing I've been practicing my squats.

You'll laugh until you cry and you'll cry until you laugh.
Brandon is never sure if I'm crying or laughing, so he has to ask. I tell him, both!

But really, you'll be amazed at the transformation your body takes.
Your body is a machine. It's made to have babies, truthfully. Things will grow and change and stretch, but it's all completely part of the game. It's been so cool seeing how much pregnancy does to me, but I enjoy it! Seriously, how often in your life are you pregnant? (Um, unless you're Michelle Duggar, probably only a few times.)


  1. Thanks for sharing! Pregnant with my first child! Almost to 14 weeks!

  2. This is a great post! And so true! I was one of those that LOVED being pregnant - and I was never one of those that was longing to be done (although I was eager to meet each new babe!) or that had a super had pregnancy. And yes, there are so many things that no one ever says and then you get to experience it, and it's like, what?!

  3. teehee - the duggar comment made me laugh a happy laugh.


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