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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Maternity Photos = Success!

Maternity photos were a success! And first I'm going to bore you with weekend details, but if you just want to see the photos, scroll on down ;)

Saturday: We started off with sleeping in, the both of us. Then we were lazy for awhile. We decided to hit up the big mall in town and check out a camera store plus get a bit of lunch. We ended up eating at Bubba Gump's and OMG, it was delicious. We shared popcorn shrimp, some dip and a fish & chips tray. Our tummies hurt afterwards!!

We went home and relaxed, then cleaned ourselves up for our photo shoot! Which is below :P

Sunday: This was our errand day. I called my dad first thing because it's his b-day (happy birthday!), then we went grocery shopping. After making breakfast, we went shopping at the PX, but ended up with nothing. Not even a sales ad for Black Friday! Grr. We had baked potatoes for lunch (our current obsession) and then went shopping, again. We were on the hunt for an h-clip for the car seat, but every store turned up cold. I did come back with some Christmas decorations from Wal-Mart and a laundry rack from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It wasn't too bad.

Back home, we discovered that our car seat actually had an h-clip, so good thing we didn't buy one, haha. We installed the seat to our liking. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon Skyping with family, vacuuming, dusting and doing laundry. Ok, I did most of that stuff...

Alright, alright, you sat through that little update... Here are some of our photos! 

I picked some of the cute funny ones to show you. Our photographer, my friend Bonnie-Jean, was awesome! She came with all kinds of ideas and was very patient. I think she did an awesome job. We took these photos at the health clinic, of all places. It was a beautiful location and no one was there on a Saturday afternoon. Anyway, here ya go!

We were zen-ing out until Brandon took a peek ;)
 Talking to the baby

 Reading a book to the baby :)
 Being silly against a wall!
 One of my favorite photos so far :)

We have a WHOLE bunch more, so this is a little sample. Thanks for suggesting the outfits, I think we look great!


  1. Love the pictures! They turned out great! I love the "taking a peek" one - the look on his face is great! :)

  2. Oh I love the reading a book to the baby one! So sweet!!!! You guys look great!

  3. Love them! Glad you had a good weekend!

  4. cute pictures!! looks like you had a lot of fun!

  5. Love the cute!!! Your photographer had cute ideas:)


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