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Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Junk

It's time for a junk post to get my thoughts out of my brain!

1. I'll be drawing for my giveaway tonight. Like in 6 hours or whatever. So enter now and keep an eye out to see if you won!

2. I love our chiropractor, he's so cool. He's been making my pregnant back feel so much better! Not to mention the magic he's done with Brandon. My husband is a changed man - his mood has improved so much now that he's not in constant pain. Oh, and the podiatrist has basically fixed his ankle (or at least the pain), so that's a major plus. Yay fixing!

3. Attended the monthly spouses club luncheon yesterday. It was fun! We had a bunch of silent auction items but I'm cheap so I was outbid on them all. However, I did win an awesome prize: A Scentsy warmer and 2 scents! Rocking!
 4. We're doing our maternity photos tomorrow!! We have two decisions to make right now.
1) We might do them at the beach, unless the weather sucks, then we'll be doing them at some cool buildings on post. But I could always decide to do them on post anyway... which sounds like a cool idea. I dunno!
2) What should we wear?! I have two shirts picked out for each of us.

It's either a brown shirt & khaki shorts for me, and a green plaid shirt for Brandon... or a red shirt & khaki shorts and a blue & red plaid shirt for Brandon.

Let me know which you would choose!


  1. Red for sure! Love the last two photos of you guys, your pictures are going to turn out great!

  2. yep, I like the red! It's way fun!

  3. RED, especially for on the beach, I like the way it pops!


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