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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fabric Envelopes

Fabric envelopes, you say? Ever since I mentioned I was going to make some of these, I've gotten a few questions (mostly from my sisters). Why? they ask. It's not like you can really mail them and what else would you use envelopes for anyway?

As you know, we do the Dave Ramsay program! We've been on an all-cash system since January and that means every month we budget money into different categories, then put said money into envelopes. This way it's separated and we can grab one envelope and be on our way.

Well, I've been using the same envelopes since January and they're taking a beating, so I needed a new system. Then Pinterest lead me to fabric envelopes!

Note: This lady makes them MUCH better than I do. But mine are functional.

My sad envelopes. This one has taken the worse beating.

First, you cut out two pieces of fabric at 7 3/4 in, a perfect square. Then cut a piece of interfacing because you want the envelopes to be a little stiff. The guide I was following says to iron on the interfacing, which I tried to do but I must've gotten the wrong kind, because nothing happened! Oh well, minor problem.

Then sew the pieces together leaving a gap. Make sure the fabric pieces are facing good-side to each other so when you flip it around, it's not inside out. Slap the interfacing on one side.

Once that's all sewn, flip it around! This was hard because the interfacing was stiff, but I managed. You'll have a gap, but don't worry about sewing it now, it'll get sewn later.

Iron the piece so it's pretty!

(Like my old iron and my "ironing board"? I need some new gear.)

Sew along the top and bottom, and then fold the thing in half and sew the sides together. This way it's stitched on three sides. The bottom doesn't need to be stitched.

And BAM! Fabric envelope! Fits American currency just dandy. Now that sad looking envelope in the back can go to envelope heaven.

(Money not included ;) )

I have a bunch of patterns so each envelope will be different. Now I need to figure out how I'll write down the category... the other lady has some printable, iron-on stuff, but I don't know where to find that. I'll figure it out eventually!


  1. Love it! Yours turned out great. I definitely need to get us on a cash system too. It's just too easy to use the debit card.

  2. I saw this on pinterest too! I have been trying to convince my husband to get in the habit of using cash and so far so good but it's always in his wallet and the envelopes make so much sense! I haven't attempted to make them yet but I LOVE how yours turned out! I also saw on pinterest where you can actually write on the fabric and then sew your own handwriting onto it by tracing your letters with a needle and thread. Just a suggestion, it looked cute on there but they also have pictures that lead to tutorials on super easy embroidery similar to that without using any special equipment!

  3. Those are very cute! We've been following Dave Ramsey for a while and have been trying our best to use cash only. I've been working hard at that while my husband's away, so hopefully when he gets home we can continue! I will definitely have to make some of these to make it more fun! Thanks for sharing how to make these!

  4. When you say the Dave Ramsey system I wonder what exactly you mean... is it a specific book? If it is, what's the name, so I can get ahold of it. :) I think the envelops are a great idea...btw.


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