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Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Decorations

We had a very typical weekend here. The weather has turned a little cooler (Hawaii cool, mind you. Like mid-60s to mid-70s), so we never made it to the beach. Really, we didn't leave the house much at all. On Saturday, we did go get some Thai takeout, and yesterday we went grocery shopping. I know, we're exciting people.

Brandon was completely exhausted, that's the main reason we didn't do much. What with staying up all night for Black Friday and then having staff duty the next night, he had a rough time. He was in a daze all of Saturday, I'm not sure if he remembers anything.

Anyway, I took advantage of his staff duty and decided to put out my Christmas decorations!! This year was early for me, but since we're getting close to D-Day, I wanted to get things done before it was too late. It's not like we have many decorations anyway. Most of the stuff we have this year, I've collected in the last couple of weeks.

I used this opportunity to try out my new camera :P

We got a "new" tree at a garage sale and I love it! It's so much better than the one we had before. I bought some garlands and a star to spruce it up.

I bought this frame at the Thrift Shop and inserted an old Christmas card - Bam! Instant Christmas decoration!

This is my first Christmas decoration. I love my little Santa :D

More Thrift Shop finds:

And then we put the stockings up the stairs.

It's looking more festive in here! I love it! Winston also loves that he has all kinds of new toys to play with... a tree, candy canes, stockings... it'll be a long month with this cat!


  1. i love christmas decorations! good job! : )

  2. llove the stocking up the stairs!!! nice decorating! wantto come to ohio and do mine too? lol

  3. llove the stocking up the stairs!!! nice decorating! wantto come to ohio and do mine too? lol


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