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Sunday, October 23, 2011

What's Up?

I've been kind of quiet since Thursday, so I thought I'd let you know what we've been up to!


- Had my 32 week appointment. Got told to watch my weight. Seriously? For the first 24-28 weeks, they told me that I wasn't gaining enough. Now I need to scale back? Screw that.

- Went to another Hail & Farewell. Everyone got super smashed, of course. I was a little depressed after my appointment, but managed to keep a smile on my face. It wasn't too bad and the food was tasty. I wished I could've had a beer!


- Bradley class in the morning. We only have one more left!! It was an awesome time. We practiced labor positions and both of us are feeling more and more confident. I know labor is going to be super tough, but we both are dedicated to go all natural. Keep us in your thoughts as the day approaches!

- Beforehand, Brandon had another chiropractor appointment. It's doing wonders for his back and his spirit. I love it! I might start going, since this guy also helps pregnant women. We're both worried about a breech baby and want to do everything we can to get this baby to be head down. (She was breech on Friday at the appointment. It's still early, though!)

- Brandon fixed my sewing machine!! Well, he opened it up and blew out the dust. But the zig-zag stitch works again! Yay!


- We decided to switch up our morning routine by going early to the beach. We had plans to swim laps at Waimea Bay. Well, we get there and see that the winter surf has really come in. Then it started raining. We had brought Dexter with us, so we walked down the beach and back, then hopped in the car. It was still nice to get out of the house!

- Went grocery shopping later than usual. Crowded commissary... but we stayed under budget!

- We had planned on going on a bike ride after lunch, but then the skies opened up. I said, "Let's do something else, this rain should pass over." Well, it didn't pass over. It just kept coming!

- So... we did our November budget, I vacuumed upstairs and down, Brandon fixed a hole in a wall, I threw the ball for Dexter, Brandon chatted with his family, I did the dishes... etc. At least we were a little productive!

And... that was our weekend. Nothing too exciting these days, I suppose. But we keep ourselves busy busy busy!

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  1. Some women level off the last couple weeks of pregnancy so don't worry too much about the weight gain!

    Certain chiropractors can help induce labor too if you end up going late. I got a prenatal massage where she targeted pressure points to induce labor and I went into labor 23 hours later ;)


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