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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Brandon and I suffer from a certain personal flaw... cockiness. We both get know-it-all attitudes and when you team us together, it's disastrous.

I've been noticing lately that ever since we embarked on this natural childbirth thing, we've gotten less and less humble. We've been loading our brains with research, research, research! Since then, we feel pretty comfortable talking to people about the pros and cons of childbirth stuff. You know, like inducing labor, cesareans, epidurals, episiotomies, what happens right after the baby is born... etc. 

I won't bother you with our research unless you want to know about something. ;)

So, this all came to a head while on our Labor & Delivery tour on Tuesday. While sitting in the waiting room, I was keeping to myself, reading my newest baby book. I couldn't get through more than a page and a half because in my ear was this other pregnant lady who kept talking and talking. She was just annoying me! I hate to say it. (The worst? She kept saying, "This is the year for boys!" I wanted to turn around and be like, "Nope, it's the year for girls.")

I leaned over to Brandon and whispered, "I hope she's not on our tour."

Guess who was on our tour?

It wasn't too bad at first, but then she tried to strike a conversation with us. She proceeded to say how she wanted to have her baby at 36 weeks because it was considered full term. The only reason? So they could miss their ball. Oh, ok. So after saying 36 weeks is full term several times, Brandon finally turned to her and said "No, it's really 37 weeks, and you should want to keep that baby in there as long as possible." That kind of shut her up and she marched off.

We had to hold our tongues because she was saying a lot of stuff contradictory to what we've been learning. It was basically from a lack of knowledge more than anything else.

But seriously, we've gotten cocky. I tell him that a friend gave birth, he asks for the birth story, and then proceeds to analyze it. It's not good for us!! Everybody is different and every birth is different. We're preaching the wrong way, I think...

It's time we rein in the cockiness, or at least keep it to an audience that really cares, right?


  1. ... maybe it's just passion, not cockiness :P
    And what a crazy lady on your tour! Who would want their baby to come early?!?

  2. That woman is an idiot! Who ever heard of inducing four weeks early in order to go to or get out of something. I will admit that I had a scheduled c/s with my second. I'd had complications throughout the pregnancy and we thought it best to just have a 2nd c/s, and my husband was supposed to report to a new duty station THE DAY of her birth. But I didn't even consider giving birth early or hope to give birth early just to make things easier for us. Good grief!

    I personally think it's a good thing to be so informed. :-) I really wish I had been more informed with my first, perhaps we wouldn't have had to go the emergency c/s route that way. But yeah, maybe just making sure you have an audience that actually cares and wants to hear. Although I completely agree that sometimes you need to speak up, in order for the ignorant to at least HEAR the truth.

  3. Just keep an open mind! Even the best laid plans can go to the wayside in the delivery room. You can prepare all you want but some things that happen are just beyond your control. :) I just had my baby last week and learned that.

    As for the lady ... she's cray cray. No one should want their baby early for convenience. Got to keep them cooking as long as they can stand it!

  4. Hey, enjoy the cockiness, be proud to know the answers and to be confident in your choices. If someone doesn't like your choices or opinions then let them sort through it. As long as you aren't shoving your beliefs down people's throats (and it doesn't sound like you are) then by all means, continue to do things YOUR way because this is YOUR family and you are doing PLENTY of research to back up your thought process. You go, girl.

  5. that lady is dumb hahaha.
    But yes every labor and delivery and pregnancy is different and not one book will prepare you for birth. Mine was SUPER FAST and I had planned on doing all sorts of things to get through my labor, which didnt happen. Didnt want to get induced but had to since my husband was on R&R and was leaving for Iraq again. I even had her after my due date which I was certain wouldnt happen.
    It will be an amazing experience no matter what...nothing will bring you more joy then when you have your daughter in your arms!!
    Keep up on the research though its good to know what they are talking about when they arnt actually talking to you lol.


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