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Monday, October 3, 2011

Christmas This Year

Our weekend was full of car repairs, appointments, classes, cloth diapers, friends, and dates (we saw 50/50 - it was great! - and had Thai food), but my mind has been on one thing lately: Christmas.

Usually, Christmas is easy. I put off buying stuff until mid-December, write up a quick list, buy presents, and everyone is happy! Then we moved to Hawaii and it got extra difficult to buy gifts because then we had to deal with shipping them. Luckily last year, I went back to Colorado, so it was like when I was in college.

Then this year, we decided to have a baby and this baby decided she'd be due on December 14th. Whenever I tell people the due date, they say "A holiday baby!" Yes, a holiday baby. That's my issue this year.

I can't put off shopping because she could come any time after Thanksgiving. I know I can shop with a newborn, but what if she doesn't come until her due date or afterwards? And then I want to make Christmas cookies, so I have to do that early. I have to decorate early too. Oh, and there's always the chance she won't come until right before or even on Christmas!

Next year should be easier... at least she'll be born and we'll know her birthday. :P

So this year we've already started discussing what we're going to do for gifts for the family. It's looking simple, like probably gift cards. The hardest part for me now is figuring out what exactly I want to get Brandon and then buying it early. I also need to shop for stocking stuffers for everyone (B, me, baby, Dex, Winston, MIL...). Then I have to plan when to make cookies!

I can do it this year! Just a bit more complicated than usual!

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