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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bradley Class - C'est Finit!

Yes, you heard correctly - today was our final Bradley Method class!!

This morning, we learned a bit about breastfeeding and then moved onto some practical practice! We reviewed some labor positions, of which I am eternally grateful. We have soooo many options to choose from depending on how I'm feeling, what stage we're in, and what position the baby is in. We have this arsenal of positions to choose from. After that, we moved into pushing positions and got to practice those.

I love it! Yes, I'm crazy, but I'm excited about the idea of giving birth. I know it'll hurt, I know it'll be the hardest thing I've ever done, but I feel so much more prepared now than ever before. Brandon and I are committed to a natural birth. We want to give this little baby of ours the best start in life; not to mention all the benefits for me!

Of course, things can change in an instant while in labor, but I feel like we're prepared to make informed decisions together.

Seriously though, if you're pregnant or could become pregnant (I sound like those commercials, huh?) you should consider the Bradley Method. Natural birth really isn't as scary as they make it out to be, once you know the facts!

In other news... we got the last of our cloth diapers today! So excited about that too!


  1. I didn't take a Bradley class but I did have a natural birth for my second child. You are right, we are conditioned to believe that birth is horrible and we should avoid the pain at all costs. The recovery from my second was SO much faster and better than from my first (epidural).

  2. I did it natural for my daughter. YOU CAN DO IT!


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