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Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween!

Halloween, one of my favorite days of the year. It's not as exciting as it used to be as a kid (probably because I'm giving the candy out, not receiving), but it's still a fun day. Usually Halloween means crunchy leaves, the air smelling of fall and pumpkins, and plenty of kids running around in costume. Hawaiian Halloween isn't too different, except it's still in the 80s!

This is our third and final Halloween on the island. You can read about our first here and our second here! Surprisingly, this is our first Hawaiian Halloween together. The first, Brandon left at 2am for three weeks of training. The second? He was in Iraq, of course!

This year, Dexter and Winston get it a bit easier on the holiday spirit. Our first Halloween together, I stuffed our little kitty in a pumpkin. The second? I dressed Dexter up as a chicken - and he won 2nd place at a pet costumer contest!

This is a picture of our boys this year. We slapped on a bandana on Winston and Dexter got a Hawaiian shirt and some leis - he's a tourist! They officially hate us.
We got into the spirit somewhat. I have a serious holiday decoration shortage in this house and so I've been slowly collecting stuff. This year I found a little Frankenstein monster bowl and a Trick or Treat sign on clearance. I've had that Happy Fall sign since last year :)

Last night, we went over to Will and Michelle's for a good ol' fashioned pumpkin carving! We couldn't find a pumpkin, but I carved her sons for him (he's only a toddler) and helped Brandon mess with the baby pumpkin he bought. We sat around eating tons of food (she makes such great dinners) and chatting. It was a great time!!

Tonight will find us outside giving away candy, and then when that's all gone, we'll be inside watching Stephen King's The Stand. Brandon's choice. I'm also making mummy dogs (pigs in a blanket made to look like a mummy)!

And then tomorrow? NaNoWriMo starts!

Halloween 2006 - Our first as a couple!


  1. Dexter and Winston are so adorable!!

  2. I saw a picture of Mummy Dogs somewhere, and they are so cute!!! Hope you had a great day!

  3. Aww your pets are too cute!! Sounds like a fun halloween!! And next year you get to take your little peanut around!!


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