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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baby Comes First!

I got my first taste yesterday of putting the baby first! The island-wide Joint Spouses Conference is in a couple weeks and unfortunately, it falls on one of the most important Bradley classes. I thought we could work out a make-up class, but it's looking too difficult. I had to make a choice: Important birthing class or fun day out? Well, birthing class wins. Now I have to find someone to take my slot!!

I'm alright with the decision, just a bit disappointed. At least I can still go to the regular spouses club luncheons.

I finally overcame my fear and started making cloth wipes yesterday. It took forever to cut the darn material, but once I got sewing, it wasn't too bad! Here is the result:
 I cut up a flannel receiving blanket that I bought from the Thrift Shop and a yellow fleece remnant from the fabric store. All in all, it was probably less than a dollar per wipe to make. Geez, not even that. I think they're cute! I've only made 6 so far and plan on making a whole bunch more. I need lots of wipes!

While trying to measure and cut material, Winston was being a nuisance. So I gave him to Brandon and he was put into "kitty jail." He was very upset with us.
Last on the baby news front: The Baby Expo. We went today and weren't too impressed. Granted, lots of cool products to see, but it seemed much better in May. Maybe we have high expectations? Anyway, we spent over an hour there, got some yummy garlic fries and a calzone to share, and ended up buying beautiful Egyptian cotton sheets for our bed. Yes, we went to a baby expo and only came back with stuff for us. 

Ok, I think I might go back and make some more wipes!


  1. the wipes are very cute, good job!!

  2. Great job on the wipes!

    And I think Victoria and Penelope are both super cute names!


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