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Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have some thoughts in my head I want to sort out!

As I've mentioned before, we started the Dave Ramsay program back in January. Basically, we pay cash for everything (except gas - it's easier to pay at the pump) and have cleared all our debt. We've saved more in the last 9 months than we've been able to save in our entire relationship. That rocks!

I got into a routine when Brandon was gone, but since he's been back we've struggled a bit to figure out how the money is working. It didn't help that every month has been messed up one way or another since he got back.

June: He got back mid-month!
July: Mallory visited.
August: We went to Australia and were gone half the month.

September was supposed to be our fixin' month! But we've already blown through our grocery money and got real low on the other money right off the bat. Yikes. 

Groceries are our biggest issue right now. It was easy for me to shop for just me, I didn't spend as much. Add in another person, a male person, and the grocery list has tripled. I hope this next month we can figure out what's been happening, allot ourselves more money, and get on with it.

We're not hurting for money, just hurting trying to figure out the best way to save as much as possible and minimize our spending on groceries. It's a work in progress, but we can do it!


  1. I want to save more money as well. We have everything paid off but our two vehicles and we are working on that. Hopefully, my car gets paid off next year.

  2. I need to get a hang of the "saving" side of money! We are terrible at it!

    I get what you mean about the groceries! I could shop for myself and the baby so easily, but when it comes to the husband, the grocery receipt is through the roof!

  3. We need to do better with money. Our downfall is eating out.

  4. good for you! SOunds like you are doing really well on it, congrats!


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