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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Luncheon: The Good and The Bad

Today was our first spouses club (Hui) luncheon of the year. I was looking forward to it, though at the same time sort of dreading it because none of my friends were going this year! I'm glad that I did make some good acquaintances over the past year that it wasn't that hard to find someone to chat with. Anyway, it was a mixed bag of feelings, so here's The Good and The Bad.

The Outfit
The Good: I dressed in some cute khaki shorts acquired from Courtney that are super comfy (seriously, I might considered wearing maternity clothes forever) and a cute white top I bought at Ross yesterday. My hair looked awesome, too, from my haircut last night!
The Bad: In an effort to look good, I wore my purple flats. My purple painful flats.

The Seating
The Good: I quickly found someone from my unit I've known for the past 2 years, followed her in and decided to sit next to her. I mean, none of my close friends were there! So I chose the next best thing.
The Bad: And then she had to leave. Great. I had no one sitting beside me, so conversation was hard between the others.
The Ugly: I chose the worse table of the whole luncheon :(. The theme was Minute to Win It, and no one from our table wanted to participate! So I ended up going up there a few times to play games I didn't win. They were just party poopers, keeping to themselves.

The Food
The Good: Um, it was tasty and I shoveled it in my mouth.
The Bad: I ate a piece of chocolate cake, even though I'm fasting from sugar today because of my glucose test tomorrow. Whatevs. It was delicious.

The Prizes
The Good: When the lady from my unit had to leave, she gave me her tickets!
The Bad: I didn't win ANYTHING. (Note: I've won something at every luncheon I've attended)

Anyway, the luncheon had its good points and its bad. I'm a bit disappointed in my seating choice, so I think next time I'll do a bit more recon and choose another table. Or maybe coerce someone I know to come with me ;)

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  1. Yay for good! Boo for bad! That's so stinky when no one wants to participate in the fun stuff. I mean there are some things I'm not to keen on. I really don't enjoy karaoke, but minute to win it sounds really fun! I'm glad overall it sounds like you had a fun time!

    I'm sorry for hosting the roundup so late this week! I feel so bad about it. Thank you for coming and linking up anyways! I also figured out my problem on why your blog wasn't coming up on my google reader, so yay!


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