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Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's a special day!

We've had a busy weekend full of appointments (ew, glucose test... yay, chiropractor!), grocery shopping, and labor classes. Nothing was better than today though...

Today is a special day!
Because it's Brandon's 26th birthday!!

Poor guy is getting kind of old, huh? ;)

Last night, we met our friends Will and Michelle for a dinner at The Yard House - Brandon's choice.

He, of course, got a half-yard of beer (they won't serve a yard, boo), plus lots of other beer. I settled with a delicious Shirley Temple. We both got gourmet burgers and had a great time chatting with our friends! It was a birthday dinner to remember.
 Oh, yeah, and they brought our chocolate souffle with a candle and "Birthday" stenciled on the plate. Nice!

Then, this morning, Brandon and I got up at a regular time to star the day.

First, we watched some TV. Then mowed the lawn. Then we went grocery shopping.
Exciting birthday, huh? ;)

I mixed up some pancakes and Brandon cooked them with sausage
(because I would burn the pancakes)
And we ate them!
 After breakfast, he opened up his presents!!

He got a whole bunch of tools from me and his family (wrenches, chisels, sockets, torx bits, metal trays, galore!)

He also got a mug with a cat saying on it and a spoon rest for his coffee spoon.
I admit, that spoon rest is more for me. But whatever.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my handsome husband Brandon!!

Today is a special day, also, because...
It's my little sister Jessica's birthday!!

She's a BIG 22 years today. :D
Ok, she's going to hate me if she ever looks at this blog... but I don't know if she does.
She'll text me and yell at me if she sees this picture ;)
She's due in like a month with her baby girl! OMG!

Happy Birthday, Jessi-Wessi!!

And lastly, an honorable mention...

Winston has been a part of our family for 2 years now.
It's been interesting!
Evil Kitty.

(If you're bored, you can check out last years blog about this special day: Day Eighty)


  1. Happy Birthday! I haven't been on here in what seems like forever! Glad to see your pregnancy is going well :)
    I also hope your husband being home is going well!


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