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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In a rut

This weekend started off great and then kind of went down hill. We had plenty planned at the beginning but come Monday, ran out of things to do. We got restless, we got a little depressed, and by Monday night were just exhausted of being bored!

Here's some highlights, though:

Friday: Bradley Class, of course! And dinner at BWW.
Saturday: We drove around and found some garage sales. We bought a glider and foot rest for only $20!
Sunday: Grocery shopping then out to the beach. I had to drag Brandon out, but he enjoyed it in the end.
Monday: Bought some cheap books at Borders.

Monday was... Monday. I think we're stuck in an activity rut. Having so much time with Brandon is both a blessing and a curse. It's so nice to have him around after a year without him, but we're still trying to figure out our schedule and what works best for us. We're having agreement issues on what we want to do together!

For example:

Chantal: Outdoor activities like hiking, walking the dog, going to the beach, bike rides, working out.
Brandon: Watching movies & TV together, playing video games.

So you can see, I want to do stuff outside the house and he wants to be inside the house. I suggest going out but his back is hurting, so we don't. He wants to watch TV, but I can't concentrate very well because I'm getting restless.

I'm not sure what we need to do. I'll play games with him, but he wants to play stuff that we don't even have. I'm not sure how to get him out of the house to do stuff with me. Maybe we're just spending too much time together?

Ah well, we've been here before, we'll pull out of the rut and get back to our normal selfs!

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