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Monday, September 12, 2011

Business as usual!

Brandon and I had a typical weekend and I'm surprised that it flew by so quickly!

As you know, on Friday we met friends for dinner. Earlier that day we were at Tripler for an appointment for Brandon, and then when he got off work, we went shopping. Target was having a baby sale and I wanted to score some stuff with our gift cards. We ended up coming back with milk storage bags, baby monitors and a baby play place! We also got a raincheck on the breast pump I wanted because it was out of stock, but the deal was so great, we couldn't pass it up.

Saturday morning saw us at our second Bradley class. We learned about good nutrition and some more relaxation techniques for labor. We always have a great time there.

Since we were already far from home (this class takes place 35 min away), we headed over the mountains to our favorite beach, Bellows. It was beautiful outside!! We kept talking about it because the weather is so tricky over there, you never know what you'll get. The water was so warm it was like taking a bath. We soaked up the sun, without burning, and headed home before dinner.

Unfortunately, Dexter has gotten extra hyper because we've been bad parents and kept him locked up in the house for too long. We're paying for it now!

Sunday we went grocery shopping, then to Petco for Dexter's food, and then to Costco for samples and more food! In the afternoon we did some chores and stayed around the house.

Now we're here, Monday again! I'm procrastinating on my writing (though I'm not too far behind my self-imposed deadline). I think this afternoon I might get Dexter out of the house and go to the dog park to throw the ball a bit. I think we needs it!

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