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Friday, September 30, 2011


I feel yesterday. Don't worry, the baby is fine. Me? I'm a big pile of whine!

Here's what happened. I was walking out of the commissary. I put away my cart, picked up my three bags and started towards the car, thinking about how heavy the bags were and why did they have to put all the heavy stuff together? My foot missed the curb. I stepped into nothingness, a void that was 5 inches lower, and just... fell.

It was probably a beautiful sight to behold. This pregnant lady, dressed all nice and teeth shiny from her dentist appointment, falling gracefully to the ground. Bags flew, body crumbled, and I was on the ground. Lucky for me, a couple nice ladies were walking up right as I fell, and they helped me stand and picked up my stuff for me.

First thought: Crap, I hope the Coke isn't too shaken up. Second thought: I hope I didn't break any eggs! I voiced my concern over the groceries to the ladies in a shaky joking voice, told them I'm fine, and limped off to the car. Then I cried the whole way home.

Here's the damage: Broken left flip-flop (eh, they were old anyway), scraped left knee and left ankle (where I landed), and a sprained right foot (the foot I stepped off the curb with). Nothing else... but ouch! My foot is killing me!

Brandon came home quickly, hugged me while I cried my big pregnant lady tears, and sat me on the couch. He iced my feet, got my computer, phone and water, placed the remotes, and had to head back to work. 

I felt off for the rest of the day! I was worried for only a bit about the baby, but since I didn't land on my belly, it seemed fine. And she's been dancing since then, so no worries. The damage is all Chantal.

My right foot is messed up. It's sprained, I think, but not my ankle... more like on the edge. It's hard to explain. I'm limping everywhere, and when Brandon notices, he yells at me to get back on the couch. He's a good guy! Taking care of me, making my oatmeal, making dinner... letting me be lazy.

Moral of the story? Watch where you're walking! Those curbs are killer!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dexter & Winston

It's been awhile since I've talked about Dexter and Winston in detail. With Brandon coming home, they sort of got lost in the whole transition. I'm here to tell you, they are well and good!

Dexter has loved having his daddy (aka: pack leader) home. It took him awhile to get used to having Brandon around, though. He wouldn't follow him anywhere. Whenever Brandon got up early, Dexter would run and jump on me, terrified of the strange man downstairs making noise! Now, he'll go with Brandon downstairs while I sleep and not even bother coming to wake me up.

Dexter still follows his mommy around everywhere and looks to me for guidance. If Brandon tells him to sit, half the time the dog will look at me first for affirmation. We're working on him listening to both of us.

He's such a good puppy-dog and I love him so much! I know he'll love having the baby around, though he'll get a bit jealous that he isn't getting all the attention anymore. He's missing his girlfriend Kimber ever since Christina left. I think next week we'll be making a trip to the beach to get him out of the house.

Oh, and look what Brandon did yesterday. It's no wonder Dexter doesn't listen to him half the time:

Now Winston. Oh, Winston. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not a cat person. Winny and I have had a love-hate relationship. He made it through the deployment though!

He's loving having his daddy home. He will jump onto Brandon's lap or chest, demanding to be loved. Brandon loves being around his little kitty too. He cuddles him all the time! Brandon sure missed Winston. It's nice to have someone around to give the cat more attention, since I avoided touching him because he makes me sneeze.

Winston does get on my nerves more than Dexter. He's peed on the couch once since Brandon got home (because someone didn't clean the litter box when he was supposed to!), so that was frustrating. Then the other day, we got a new pack n play, set it up, and left it up. Winston decided it was his new bed! Grr. I threw a blanket over it and he found that even more comfortable. I took a picture for evidence:

The pack n play is folded and stored until the baby comes. I know Winston will be angry with the baby, he doesn't like children very much. Score one for me ;).

No matter how frustrating they can be, I love having these two guys! They've been a great addition to our family for the past two years. Here's to many years more with my babies!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

29 Weeks!

How Far Along: 29 weeks, 11 weeks to go!

Size of baby: Baby S is just over 15 inches long, the size of a butternut squash, and weighs about 2.5 pounds. 

Weight Gain/Loss: Started at 141.6 and since Saturday I've been 155. It's cool to see my weight inch it's way up finally. It's very normal to gain about a pound a week now, especially since the baby is bulking up.

Body Changes: Slowly growing belly!

Gender: It's a GIRL!

Movement: I've gotten used to her schedule now. Right when I wake up, I feel her dancing around, especially after I eat. Then she's fairly quiet all day, maybe a few hits here and there, until about dinnertime. She starts dancing around again, even more than before, and continues through bedtime. I usually can feel her during the night too. She's a night-owl! I've also noticed her actually moving - suddenly, my stomach will get hard in one place.  It's interesting!

Sleep: I've been more uncomfortable these days! I'm still sleeping about 9 hours a night, but waking up more. I only have to use the bathroom once during the night - yay.

What I'm looking forward to: Buying our cloth diapers this weekend!!

Cravings: Fried foods (I've been good at avoiding them!)

Symptoms: My right leg has been hurting more, especially at night. My lower back aches more these days too.

Best Moment This Week: Our awesome doctor's appointment, Brandon being able to feel the baby kick, and receiving more lovely gifts.

 This huge package came from Brandon's mom. So many clothes, they're all so lovely!
My older sisters bought us this pack n play. We love it!
Pregnancy has been so interesting. People don't tell you about certain things... like all the gross stuff that happens, or how weird it can be feeling the baby move, even if it's super cool. I complain a lot, but I'm loving every minute. I'm starting to get anxious to start this whole journey with this baby, but I know I should enjoy these last couple months before she arrives!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

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Hey, it's okay...

To laugh when the dog is dreaming. Isn't it funny when they twitch and bark?

To talk to the cat like he's a human being. Maybe he understands?

To be worried about how active the baby is between the hours of 8pm and 8am. I like to sleep during that time, and apparently she doesn't. This could be a problem in the future!

To be excited to have gotten our pack n play!! It's what our baby will be sleeping in when she gets here. It looks great.

To be confused by the new FB still. I hope I figure it out soon.

To be excited for the sewing machine that I ordered off Amazon to arrive! I want to start some projects!

To wonder if I'll be able to figure it out... seriously, I haven't used a sewing machine since 7th grade. Can't be that hard, right?

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Start of Autumn!

One reason I'm excited to leave Hawaii - the seasons will finally change. I swear, September has actually ushered in warmer weather. My car has a handy thermometer on it so when we're driving I'll randomly shout out to Brandon "It's 93 degrees!" Shouldn't it be getting cooler right about now?

We started off this season with a bang! Sorta. This weekend was busy busy and I feel really fulfilled about it.

Friday, the start of Brandon's weekend, we were busy! We spent the morning finishing up Dexter: Season 4  so we could send that off in the mail, then we "suited up" to go swimming. I ended up back stroking into the wall (not paying attention...) and have a nice bruise on my head. Whoops. We only swam laps for half an hour, but it was fun.

Then, we went shopping! First stop was Bed, Bath and Beyond, where we got an oil dispenser and a Misto sprayer. Then we headed up the road to Home Depot so Brandon could spend some birthday money on a cool new toolbox. From there it was off to Babies R Us, where we bought ourselves a set of nice glass bottles and a cute baby outfit, because I couldn't resist. After that was finished (and after a cone from Mickey D's), we were off to the PX and commissary.

The trip took over 3 hours and I was exhausted. I can't go at the same speed as I used to be able to! My back hurt, my feet hurt, I was hungry - again. Ah, the joys of pregnancy. ;)

Saturday, we went to the chiropractor then to our Bradley class. After that I spent the afternoon cleaning the house while Brandon read. He's so lucky. ;)

Sunday, I thought maybe we'd go to the beach, but neither of us was really wanting to. We haven't gone in over 2 weeks! So surprising. We ended up grocery shopping, reading, and going to Wal-Mart to look at sewing machines. I chose the one I want, now I just have to buy it!

Anyway, this week should be the typical kind of week. Life has settled into a regular routine!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have some thoughts in my head I want to sort out!

As I've mentioned before, we started the Dave Ramsay program back in January. Basically, we pay cash for everything (except gas - it's easier to pay at the pump) and have cleared all our debt. We've saved more in the last 9 months than we've been able to save in our entire relationship. That rocks!

I got into a routine when Brandon was gone, but since he's been back we've struggled a bit to figure out how the money is working. It didn't help that every month has been messed up one way or another since he got back.

June: He got back mid-month!
July: Mallory visited.
August: We went to Australia and were gone half the month.

September was supposed to be our fixin' month! But we've already blown through our grocery money and got real low on the other money right off the bat. Yikes. 

Groceries are our biggest issue right now. It was easy for me to shop for just me, I didn't spend as much. Add in another person, a male person, and the grocery list has tripled. I hope this next month we can figure out what's been happening, allot ourselves more money, and get on with it.

We're not hurting for money, just hurting trying to figure out the best way to save as much as possible and minimize our spending on groceries. It's a work in progress, but we can do it!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Great Week

You know what's great? Having a good doctor's appointment. I always look forward to going to the doctor's (I'm weird), and this was just icing on the cake!

We're in the midwife program, so we see a new midwife every appointment just to get familiar with all of them. You'll never know who's birthing your baby! This one was knowledgeable, friendly and answered my questions quickly and positively!

Baby Position: Thankfully, head down! Yay!
Tub Policies: You can use the tub as long as everything is healthy! Woo!
Pain in rib: Normal!
Episiotomy Policy: Not done routinely. Score!

Ok, a couple bad things: I do have stretch marks on my boobs and they can't do much for my sciatic nerve pain. Ah well, you can't win them all.

This week has been good so far. I've been working on my writing and being surprisingly productive. I've cleaned the house a bit, though it still needs some work. I went to book club last night, too! And today, I'm meeting up with a friend for a baby expo they're having on post. I'm feeling good!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

28 Weeks!

How Far Along: 28 weeks, 12 weeks to go! (Hello Third Trimester!)

Size of baby: Baby S is about 15 inches long, the size of an eggplant or Chinese cabbage, and weighs just over 2 pounds. 

Weight Gain/Loss: Started at 141.6 and today I measured at 153.4. I recently hit a growth spurt, which apparently is common around this time. I'm still on the small side on the growth chart.

Body Changes: My legs are getting stronger thanks to yoga and my Bradley exercises.

Gender: It's a GIRL!

Movement: She's moving every day, usually right when I wake up (and especially after I eat breakfast) and nighttime before bed. The other day I was taking a bath to soothe my aching back and my stomach jumped a couple times from some forceful kicks. I think it's just so cool!

Sleep: I usually fall asleep between 9 and 9:30, and wake up at 6ish. I also wake up once during the night to go pee. Yay.

What I'm looking forward to: My doctor's appointment tomorrow! I love getting updates and hearing the heartbeat. It's a special time for Brandon and I. :)

Cravings: Nothing in particular. Maybe chocolate!

Symptoms: Ligament pains, sciatic nerve pain, aching back... same as last week. Owie!

Best Moment This Week: Getting packages in the mail full of baby stuff. And we're still waiting for some more! This baby is very blessed to have loving family and friends sending her stuff already. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

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Hey, it's okay...

To eat two breakfasts when you're pregnant. I spread them out a couple hours!

To play hide-and-seek with your dog. Dexter loves it!

To need to do housework but put it off until the very last minute. My floors need to be vacuumed, my bathrooms cleaned, the windows wiped, etc. I'd rather watch TV these days!

To not feel bad when your husband gets up super early and you sleep for another two hours, taking up the whole bed. I sort of look forward to this time ;)

To love doing yoga but not look forward to going sometimes. I'm so lazy!!

To enjoy The Sing-Off.

To look forward to everything else premiering this week - Biggest Loser, Glee, Community, Fringe! So many shows!

To call your baby mean because she kicks your full bladder. It kind of hurts, mean baby girl...

To be excited for doctor's appointments.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Magic Eyes

Once Upon a Time... I wore glasses.
 I didn't particularly like my glasses, but definitely needed them. My vision, at its worse, was 20/800. That's, like, nearly blind. My vision started going bad around 4th grade but I didn't get glasses until 6th because my mom didn't believe me! And from that moment on, I wore glasses.
 Ah, to be 19 again.

I had issues with putting stuff in my eyes, so I didn't end up getting contacts until August 2006 (that's over 7 years of wearing strictly glasses!) Getting contacts was like seeing the world in a whole new way. It was wonderful. I could even shower with them. I could see the droplets on the walls! What a novelty!

My favorite part, though? Being able to finally wearing sunglasses. Now that was pretty cool.
 And then something happened in early 2008, not too long before our wedding. Contacts started hurting me. I could wear them for maybe a day before my eyes were go bright red and burn, and I was so light-sensitive I couldn't go outside. This was a problem when I couldn't wear sunglasses when I wore regular glasses!

Come to find out, my eyes were too dry and the contacts were literally scratching my eyeballs. I had little scratches all over. I sucked at eyedrops, so I didn't help the situation. I reluctantly went back to glasses. Except for our wedding, I wore contacts for that.
 After seeing the light, so to speak, I just couldn't go back to glasses permanently. I couldn't! If you've ever had to forgo contacts forever, you'd understand. The world was a dismal place. Then my mom suggested Lasik, and after chatting with Brandon and looking over the money options... we did it!

So on September 19, 2008, a day after Brandon's birthday, we went to the Buckley Eye Center in Colorado Springs and I got my eyes cut open. It wasn't as bad as I expected, actually. They give you some meds to relax you (it didn't do much), they lay you down, prop your eye open, cut a flap with a metal thing, flip it open, laser for 30 seconds, and then repeat with the other eye. The entire surgery took less than 20 minutes. (I can go into more detail if you're interested!)

I could see right afterwards, though not very well. They give you some more meds to put you to sleep when you get home. I tore off the protective goggles a few times while I slept, but no damage occurred.  

After a few days, an amazing thing happened. I opened my eyes in the morning and could see the outline of the sun around the window. I could see the alarm clock across the room. I could see the tiny droplets of water, each one of them, on the shower wall. And it was amazing.

I'm forever thankful for my magic eyes, and extremely protective of them. It's been a great 3 years! I wouldn't change a thing about this and encourage anyone considering Lasik to just do it! It's worth it!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's a special day!

We've had a busy weekend full of appointments (ew, glucose test... yay, chiropractor!), grocery shopping, and labor classes. Nothing was better than today though...

Today is a special day!
Because it's Brandon's 26th birthday!!

Poor guy is getting kind of old, huh? ;)

Last night, we met our friends Will and Michelle for a dinner at The Yard House - Brandon's choice.

He, of course, got a half-yard of beer (they won't serve a yard, boo), plus lots of other beer. I settled with a delicious Shirley Temple. We both got gourmet burgers and had a great time chatting with our friends! It was a birthday dinner to remember.
 Oh, yeah, and they brought our chocolate souffle with a candle and "Birthday" stenciled on the plate. Nice!

Then, this morning, Brandon and I got up at a regular time to star the day.

First, we watched some TV. Then mowed the lawn. Then we went grocery shopping.
Exciting birthday, huh? ;)

I mixed up some pancakes and Brandon cooked them with sausage
(because I would burn the pancakes)
And we ate them!
 After breakfast, he opened up his presents!!

He got a whole bunch of tools from me and his family (wrenches, chisels, sockets, torx bits, metal trays, galore!)

He also got a mug with a cat saying on it and a spoon rest for his coffee spoon.
I admit, that spoon rest is more for me. But whatever.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my handsome husband Brandon!!

Today is a special day, also, because...
It's my little sister Jessica's birthday!!

She's a BIG 22 years today. :D
Ok, she's going to hate me if she ever looks at this blog... but I don't know if she does.
She'll text me and yell at me if she sees this picture ;)
She's due in like a month with her baby girl! OMG!

Happy Birthday, Jessi-Wessi!!

And lastly, an honorable mention...

Winston has been a part of our family for 2 years now.
It's been interesting!
Evil Kitty.

(If you're bored, you can check out last years blog about this special day: Day Eighty)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Luncheon: The Good and The Bad

Today was our first spouses club (Hui) luncheon of the year. I was looking forward to it, though at the same time sort of dreading it because none of my friends were going this year! I'm glad that I did make some good acquaintances over the past year that it wasn't that hard to find someone to chat with. Anyway, it was a mixed bag of feelings, so here's The Good and The Bad.

The Outfit
The Good: I dressed in some cute khaki shorts acquired from Courtney that are super comfy (seriously, I might considered wearing maternity clothes forever) and a cute white top I bought at Ross yesterday. My hair looked awesome, too, from my haircut last night!
The Bad: In an effort to look good, I wore my purple flats. My purple painful flats.

The Seating
The Good: I quickly found someone from my unit I've known for the past 2 years, followed her in and decided to sit next to her. I mean, none of my close friends were there! So I chose the next best thing.
The Bad: And then she had to leave. Great. I had no one sitting beside me, so conversation was hard between the others.
The Ugly: I chose the worse table of the whole luncheon :(. The theme was Minute to Win It, and no one from our table wanted to participate! So I ended up going up there a few times to play games I didn't win. They were just party poopers, keeping to themselves.

The Food
The Good: Um, it was tasty and I shoveled it in my mouth.
The Bad: I ate a piece of chocolate cake, even though I'm fasting from sugar today because of my glucose test tomorrow. Whatevs. It was delicious.

The Prizes
The Good: When the lady from my unit had to leave, she gave me her tickets!
The Bad: I didn't win ANYTHING. (Note: I've won something at every luncheon I've attended)

Anyway, the luncheon had its good points and its bad. I'm a bit disappointed in my seating choice, so I think next time I'll do a bit more recon and choose another table. Or maybe coerce someone I know to come with me ;)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

27 Weeks!

How Far Along: 27 weeks, 13 weeks to go! (And exactly 3 months!)

Size of baby: Baby S is about 14.5 inches long, the size of an eggplant or cauliflower, and weighs about 2 pounds. 

Weight Gain/Loss: I hit a weight gain spurt and have jumped up to 10 pounds gained.

Body Changes: Aches and pains from my belly growing, and a painful sciatic nerve!

Gender: It's a GIRL!

Movement: We had a couple days of little movement, which made my hypochondriac brain start going. Unfortunately, I have an anterior placenta (it's at the front), so I'm less likely to feel all the movements. Anyway, after she rested a couple days, it was back to her old antics. I'm getting kicked in the lower right and upper to mid-left, so I have no clue what her position is.

Sleep: I'm getting up every night at least once to go to the bathroom, but other than that, I sleep fairly well.

What I'm looking forward to: This used to be what I missed, but I'm changing it. I'm looking forward to hitting that third trimester next week!

Cravings: More ice cream and chocolate, haha. I also looooveee cheese.

Symptoms: Ligament pains, sciatic nerve pain, aching back... everything is pain! lol

Best Moment This Week: Shopping some more. I picked up a couple cute outfits and we got some baby essentials. We're slowly working on our stash. 3 more months!
Yep, I got a haircut! :D

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MilSpouse Friends

I think in the course of my busy weeks I forgot to mention that Christina has moved on. Yep, her family's time in Hawaii has expired. They moved on to the sunny South this past weekend and on to new adventures! I was reminded to write a post to mention the move because it's her birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Christina!!
It's always bittersweet to say goodbye to MilSpouse friends, especially ones you've grown close to. Christina was my deployment wife and probably got mentioned on this blog more than my actual husband. We just spent a lot of time together. I'm glad I was able to find someone to connect to and become friends with. I'll miss her, but we'll see each other soon!

Speaking of soon... we have a general idea when our time is up in Hawaii. And thankfully, it won't be until a couple months after the baby is born. Woo! Weight off my shoulders!

So now I have a friend void. Oh, that sounds horrible, because I have TONS of friends here. I just put all my eggs in one basket, you know, and didn't cultivate the other relationships like I should've. I've always been bad at that. 

With Brandon home, too, it's harder to find time for friends. If you have a spouse in the military, you know what that's like. When they're gone, you can concentrate on friends, but when they come back you spend every waking moment with your spouse to make up for lost time. Good thing I really like Brandon! Most days... ;)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with the other great friends I've made here. You know who you are :P. Next week there's a baby expo here on post and I'm meeting with a couple girls to check it out. This weekend, we're getting together with some friends for Brandon's birthday dinner. Thursday we have our first Spouses Club Luncheon of the year! Slowly but surely I will start working on those relationships!

Until I have to move and start all over, right?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Business as usual!

Brandon and I had a typical weekend and I'm surprised that it flew by so quickly!

As you know, on Friday we met friends for dinner. Earlier that day we were at Tripler for an appointment for Brandon, and then when he got off work, we went shopping. Target was having a baby sale and I wanted to score some stuff with our gift cards. We ended up coming back with milk storage bags, baby monitors and a baby play place! We also got a raincheck on the breast pump I wanted because it was out of stock, but the deal was so great, we couldn't pass it up.

Saturday morning saw us at our second Bradley class. We learned about good nutrition and some more relaxation techniques for labor. We always have a great time there.

Since we were already far from home (this class takes place 35 min away), we headed over the mountains to our favorite beach, Bellows. It was beautiful outside!! We kept talking about it because the weather is so tricky over there, you never know what you'll get. The water was so warm it was like taking a bath. We soaked up the sun, without burning, and headed home before dinner.

Unfortunately, Dexter has gotten extra hyper because we've been bad parents and kept him locked up in the house for too long. We're paying for it now!

Sunday we went grocery shopping, then to Petco for Dexter's food, and then to Costco for samples and more food! In the afternoon we did some chores and stayed around the house.

Now we're here, Monday again! I'm procrastinating on my writing (though I'm not too far behind my self-imposed deadline). I think this afternoon I might get Dexter out of the house and go to the dog park to throw the ball a bit. I think we needs it!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years

Always remember, never forget.

To read my 9/11 experience, check out last years post: Day Seventy-Three

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Not fancy enough for this place!

That's what I told Brandon last night when we stepped off the elevator into a restaurant called Apartment Three (or Apartm3nt).

We were meeting a coworker and his wife there for dinner. I had heard a lot about this guy from Brandon's deployment. They worked two inches apart from each other for nearly 9 months, so they had shared a lot of stories and good moments. Brandon only had good things to say about him. They promised, when they got back to Hawaii, that we'd all meet up for dinner. And here we were!

This coworker and his wife are older than us (in their 40s) and eat out A LOT, so they recommended this restaurant when all we could come up with was Buffalo Wild Wings. Brandon and I arrived first. This place is on the third floor of an apartment complex in Waikiki and the elevator opens right into the restaurant. My eyes had issues adjusting to the super dark restaurant at first. The lights were turned down so much!

When we checked in, they looked at our IDs at the desk. Nice. Then we were brought through the dim restaurant to a corner table in a back corner. The chairs were all black. The music was moody. The bar was big and long. The waitresses were wearing outfits that barely covered their butts.

"I don't feel fancy enough for this place," I told Brandon. I was silently thanking myself for buying that 75c maternity skirt at the thrift shop on Tuesday and then deciding to wear it. Still, I didn't feel fancy.

Brandon was the same in his nice button up plaid shirt and his cargo khaki shorts. We were both wearing our Reef flip-flops and wishing we had nicer shoes. Oh well! Once we sat down, it wasn't that bad. Except when I had to get up to go to the bathroom.

We decided we're Texas Roadhouse kind of people.

The restaurant actually turned out to be awesome. All the non-pregnant guests got some good drinks and we ordered a whole bunch of "pupus" to share. We sat there for nearly three hours before I drove us home, exhausted. But it was a great time!

Have you ever been anywhere where you didn't feel fancy enough?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

26 Weeks!

How Far Along: 26 weeks, 14 weeks to go! 

Size of baby: Baby S is about 14 inches long, the size of an eggplant or English cucumber, and weighs 1 and 2/3 pounds. 

Weight Gain/Loss: Sticking at 7 pounds gained since the beginning!

Body Changes: Some acne problems again, maybe stretch marks on the boobs...

Gender: It's a GIRL! 

Movement: This is one active baby! For the last four days it's been very consistent kicking and punching. I'm enjoying it, I think it's fun, except when it's on my full bladder or when I'm trying to sleep! She makes my stomach bump and even Brandon can see.

Sleep: As before, some nights are great, others are spent tossing and turning.

What I miss: I miss my feet not hurting all the time.

Cravings: This week, it's ice cream. I'd kill for some chocolate and peanut butter ice cream!

Symptoms: Nothing unusual. Some round ligament pains, but hardly any. Oh, and some digestive issues. Yuck.

Best Moment This Week: I had a really good week! Yesterday, Christina and I went shopping. I picked up a couple cute outfits and she bought us an outfit. Love it! We also got our first cloth diapers in the mail. I can't wait to get more! And of course, I love all the baby movement.

Some Trivia: Did you know that Caucasian women, on average, give birth at 41w1d? We might be having this baby way close to Christmas at this rate!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In a rut

This weekend started off great and then kind of went down hill. We had plenty planned at the beginning but come Monday, ran out of things to do. We got restless, we got a little depressed, and by Monday night were just exhausted of being bored!

Here's some highlights, though:

Friday: Bradley Class, of course! And dinner at BWW.
Saturday: We drove around and found some garage sales. We bought a glider and foot rest for only $20!
Sunday: Grocery shopping then out to the beach. I had to drag Brandon out, but he enjoyed it in the end.
Monday: Bought some cheap books at Borders.

Monday was... Monday. I think we're stuck in an activity rut. Having so much time with Brandon is both a blessing and a curse. It's so nice to have him around after a year without him, but we're still trying to figure out our schedule and what works best for us. We're having agreement issues on what we want to do together!

For example:

Chantal: Outdoor activities like hiking, walking the dog, going to the beach, bike rides, working out.
Brandon: Watching movies & TV together, playing video games.

So you can see, I want to do stuff outside the house and he wants to be inside the house. I suggest going out but his back is hurting, so we don't. He wants to watch TV, but I can't concentrate very well because I'm getting restless.

I'm not sure what we need to do. I'll play games with him, but he wants to play stuff that we don't even have. I'm not sure how to get him out of the house to do stuff with me. Maybe we're just spending too much time together?

Ah well, we've been here before, we'll pull out of the rut and get back to our normal selfs!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bradley Method = Awesome!

Once upon a time, I had a different view on childbirth. I knew it was going to hurt and I figured I'd just deal with it as best as I could. The epidural was there in case I couldn't handle the pain anymore - sweet! I'd want to avoid a c-section at all costs, too, that one was for sure. Otherwise, I was just going to dive into the murky waters head first.

Then I got pregnant. I chatted with Brandon at the beginning and he said he'd rather I didn't get an epidural. It made me angry at first - why deny your wife painless joy? - but then I started to do some research. I thought, you know what, I really want to go as natural as possible. I want to have an unmedicated, low-intervention birth. I want it for me and I want it for our baby.

I had no idea where to begin. I started looking at what birth classes the hospital offered, but nothing appealed to me. Then, as fate would have it, I was watching 19 Kids and Counting, when Anna Duggar was giving birth. She mentioned the Bradley Method and their classes. Interested, I looked it up and I was hooked!

Why don't you check it out too? The Bradley Method.

Last night, Brandon and I had our first class. We packed up our 4 pillows and headed down to Honolulu, stopping for dinner at BWW first. Yum. The class was held in the teachers living room and was attended by four couples, including us, and one couple observing for the day.

First of all, our teacher, Dora Baldwin, was awesome! She's been teaching Bradley for 21 years and practiced it with her second child after a traumatizing first birth. She was full of energy and full of knowledge. Brandon and I found ourselves engaged by her stories - I have to say, Hawaiians are pretty good at "talking story" and they can suck you in. ;)

The first class was cool. She talked about her experience and about the whole Bradley experience, and then we went around the room to introduce ourselves. Then we dove into our workbook, learning some preliminary pain management ideas. The end of the class saw us actually doing some exercises and we even got homework! I have to do squats, Kegels, butterfly exercises, etc. Basically stuff to get my body stronger for birth!

Anyway, Brandon and I left the class feeling excited and energized. We are really excited about doing this natural birth thing and I'm so glad we found these classes. We'll be going every Saturday until the end of October! :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two Years!

Today, September 1st, marks two years living in Hawaii. Wow! I cannot believe it. It feels just like yesterday that we arrived on the island and bam, here we are, two years later.

Really, it feels like it's gone by so quickly. So much has happened the last two years, too! I've made so many great friends, I've had a job and then not had a job, I've written a book, I've decorated the house - ok, this is all me. What about the both of us?

We got our lovies, Dexter and Winston. These guys crack me up every day. They have such personality! I'm so happy we have them!
We have spent some great times together, especially at the beach. That's one of our favorite parts of being on this island - the beach! As land-locked folks (ah, we do miss Colorado) we didn't get to experience the salty ocean. I'm going to miss that the most!
And hey, we got through a deployment. That was a whole year out of the two years!

Oh yeah, and I got pregnant ;)
Hawaii has been an interesting experience. I mean, really, how cool is it that you can say you live in Hawaii? I can't wait for our next adventure, but I'll keep this place nice and close in my heart. Less than a year left here until we move on!