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Thursday, August 25, 2011


I had grand plans when I got pregnant to keep working out, and especially get back into yoga. I loaded the Netflix instant queue with yoga videos and planned to go to some classes here on post. But then I had excuses. You know... first, work got in the way. Then I was preparing for Brandon to come home. Then Brandon came home. Oh, and then we went on block leave. So yeah... I'm full of excuses!

Anyway, I was sorta avoiding the class because I didn't like the venue or the teacher so much at the gym here. Then I heard of another class just across the street on the post attached to ours. It was free and was in a good place. So I finally went today!

It was great! There were only 2 of us and the instructor, who was a sub for the regular instructor, but just as awesome I'm sure. She was very helpful with poses that I could do during pregnancy, and said she took it easy on us since we hadn't done yoga in awhile. We ended up chatting for half the class while doing the moves... it was just great!

I'm surprised, too, because I didn't think I'd like a class so small. I don't like feeling singled out or having my mistakes obvious. But actually, the small class was great.

So I'm going to start working out more again. I have to be healthy for labor and all that junk! This class is every Tuesday and Thursday morning and I'll be going back next week for sure. I love it!

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  1. Yoga is AWESOME during pregnancy! I am so glad you found a class you like :)

    I have been doing yoga throughout my entire pregnancy and I know it is helping to prepare my body for L&D! 7 weeks to go for me :)

    Keep up the good work!


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