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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Baby Junk

My brain, for the past few days, has been consumed with baby junk. I got sudden anxiety when I realized we are well over halfway there, and hadn't even gotten much of anything - let alone clothes!

Granted, we were waiting for the baby shower to pass before we purchased much. Since it was a smaller baby shower, we have our work cut out for us. That's ok, though!

We bought this changing table yesterday from a lady off Craigslist. We aren't buying nursery furniture until we move to Alabama, but we decided that it would make life easier to have a changing table downstairs, since I'll spend most of our waking hours down here. We found this one at a great price! It's not the color we're going to get at the end, but it works for now.

I've slowly started a collection of baby clothes. I've been to the thrift shop a few times and scored some awesome deals. Today, I met a lady off Craigslist who sold me a bunch of her stash of clothing. My collection is slowly increasing and I'm feeling better about the clothes. I've lined them all up on the guest "bed" by size, just so I have an idea how much I need of which:

Eh, could be better. We still have a few more months, I suppose! And pretty much everything you see in the picture is what I have. I also have a swing, a Moby wrap, a Snugli carrier, a nursing cover, and an old jogging stroller from friends. I still feel like we have so far to go. Here are the big ticket items we still need:

1. Pack n play (she'll be sleeping in this until we move and make a nursery. My older sisters are getting this!)
2. Travel system - stroller, carseat, base (my mom is getting this for us!)
3. Feeding stuff - bottles and pump so Brandon can feed her too, boppy pillow,
4. Diapers!!! I've bought four cloth diapers, and that was only yesterday, and only because it was a great sale, I couldn't refuse. We do plan on going in the next month or so and purchasing a package we like from a store in town.
5. Misc baby items - some toys, socks, hats, blankets, bath items... you know.

Oh goodness, writing it out seems overwhelming. I know we still have time. I know a newborn doesn't require much. I'm trying to get myself to spread out the buying so I don't get it all at once. Not money wise, but mentally, that's too much!

Anyway, we'll figure it out. We have time. People are still sending us stuff. I'm just excited to get this started!

Now I need to figure out a good schedule in reading all these baby books I have...

This is my 400th post!! Yay!!

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  1. LOL...this is a great little list, and you still have some time. I am staring at 4 weeks, and I made a list a few weeks ago, and haven't even BEGUN to taskle it! Like you said, newborns don't need much, so that is why i am not too worried. I will set up the pack and play with my bassinet/changing table on it in the living room, take out a few outfits, a pack of diapers, and the bassinette for the bedroom. that is about it till in know my little one is here and safe in my arms;-)


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