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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Australia - Sydney (Fish Market & Manly)

Our last two days in Sydney were, as expected, super busy. We had so much we wanted to see and so little time!

On Wednesday, we headed into town again to the Sydney Fish Market. Brandon had been especially interested in seafood since we had arrived and this was a must-see. We got there early enough so there were hardly any crowds and spent some time wandering around looking at what we could buy. Unfortunately, we couldn't buy fish and bring it home to eat!

We did end up parking ourselves at a food counter and ordering up from more fish and chips. This pack came with calamari, fish and octopus (gross). Brandon sure loved it! I enjoyed the fried fish. ;)
Since we were towards the end of the tram, we hopped on it going back towards our hotel and stopped a few times. First, we went to the casino just to check it out and promptly lost the $10 we gave ourselves. Oh well! Then we stopped at Darling Harbour.
We walked through the shopping area and stopped at the Maritime Museum. It was actually very interesting and full of cool artifacts! There were some old ships floating outside too, though we didn't get to go on those because we were feeling especially cheap.

Then it was back on the tram to our next stop, the Powerhouse Museum. This museum featured everything man-made. Trains, cars, electrical stuff, nuclear stuff, space travel... the works. Brandon and I are geeks and love going to museums, so this place was so much fun. Unfortunately, my feet were hurting so bad, I had to stop several times to relax while he played with the exhibits. A lot of it was hands on - perfect for a little boy in a grown man's body (aka: Brandon).
On our way back we made one last stop at Paddy's Market, to get some food at the supermarket. Since we were dying of hunger, we also got some delicious ice cream to share. Then it was back to the hotel for rest! For a few nights in a row, we went down to the bar and ordered a pitcher of beer (none for me!) and some food. It was fun!

The next day was our final day in Sydney. We hopped on a ferry and took it all the way out to Manly, which is on the northern tip of the harbor. This place had a similar feel to Bondi - way more relaxed and easy going than the big city. Our first stop was North Head, a park on the tip with cool walking trails.
Once we got on the bus back to town, we walked down The Corso, the main shopping and tourist area. We're not big shoppers, though, so we just looked around as we walked.
Then it was to Manly Beach! I loved the sand in these places. It was so fine and cool and a beautiful color. It beats out some of this nice Hawaii sand!
We spent a good chunk of the day in Manly. Mid-afternoon, we hopped back on the ferry to Sydney. After being so busy for a week, it was so hard for me to continue doing stuff. I just wanted to lay in bed and watch TV! We did get dinner down at the bar again and worked on crosswords together. Overall, Sydney was just awesome!

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