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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A visitor!

I kind of miss posting daily. It was a routine for me to sit down after dinner and write out my daily post, reflecting on what I actually did that day. Sometimes it was interesting, sometimes boring, but it was nice to see.

Nowadays, I'm running out of things to say! My days seem pretty routine. Wake up, watch some TV, surf the internet, feed Brandon breakfast (he would starve without me hehe), hang out in the morning, feed Brandon lunch, hang out some more, walk the dog sometime, and when Brandon comes home, hang out with him!

I guess we've been busy. This week I made an appointment to get new IDs, since he got promoted, and then had to make another appointment because they only do one ID for each session. We have brand new shiny IDs though! Brandon's redeployment ceremony was on Thursday, that was cool. Oh, and on Wednesday we went to book club to discuss The Hunger Games. Fun!

Well, next week I'll have stuff to say! Brandon's little sister arrived this afternoon and is staying for a whole month, through our trip to Australia. She's our pet/house sitter. Yay! It'll be fun to travel around the island and be a tourist again!

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  1. I meant to tell you that you can give Mallory my email or # in case of an emergency :)


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