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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tech Issues

I'm going to give you a real blog post later, I promise!

I'm whiny because I used to have a Swagbucks toolbar at the top of Safari, but when I got my most recent Mac update, it deleted it and won't let me put it back on! Anyone know anything about Macs and Safari? I can't find anything to help!

Also, it's weird, but people have been commenting on posts from a year ago on my other blog. I don't know if Blogger is reposting these or not... but they shouldn't! So if you're also subscribed to Chantal's Blog, if you see some posts popping up, check out the date. I don't use that blog anymore!

Otherwise... still trying to figure out the best way to convey the new blog URL and get my blog posts to show up. I'll figure it out eventually.

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