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Friday, July 22, 2011

More Beach and Manoa Falls

My most recent article has posted on the Homefront United Network! Check it out: Pregnancy in the Military: Part Three - Coming Home.

I've neglected my blog for a couple days because we've just been so busy! On Wednesday we relaxed a bit in the morning, though I spent a lot of the time working on our Australia plan. Oh my goodness, we leave NEXT WEEK. We then went to the beach on the west coast of the island to one of our favorite beaches, Electric Beach.

Seeing as it was early afternoon on a Wednesday, the beach was nearly deserted. There were a few kids boogie boarding in the waves and a couple guys fishing, but no one near our little spot. We found a place with some shade but plenty of sun. The sand and sun were HOT, but the water was the perfect temperature. We swam out for a bit over the coral and regretted not bringing our snorkel gear because this is one of the best snorkeling beaches on the island. We still had a great time reading and relaxing!

We had a yummy dinner at Aloha Salads after walking around the shopping area a bit. We ended up buying some clothes at Ross and Target for our trip. It was a good, tiring day!

I even "drank" some beer, hehe. Don't worry, no babies were harmed and no beer was ingested :P

Thursday, our plan was to hike up Diamond Head. Well, we got all the way there and found out there was hardly any parking and they were closing early. Great. We made the executive decision to hike Manoa Falls instead, which was a few miles away. A total difference too! From hot volcano crater to rainy jungle.

I'm proud to say I only got one mosquito bite. A huge one, but only one. The hike was easy enough for my little pregnant body and I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed it.

We ended our trip at The Counter for some delicious hamburgers, and then headed back to post before traffic got too bad. We stopped by ITR, my old stomping grounds, to buy tickets for a catamaran ride next week, and I sat around chatting for a bit.

Back home, I dragged Brandon over to our neighbors to say hi, and then down the street to the Pet Expo, where we scored some free swag for Dexter. That night, since we had no Netflix coming in, we all sat around the table and played board games! Brandon killed us at Scrabble (whatever, he always wins) and then we played a fun card game called Fluxx.

Wow, we've been busy!! Today is going to be an easier day while Brandon entertains his sister and I work on our Australia plan some more. We are way behind!


  1. You look so cute!! I love the beer pic bahahah :P

  2. You are so cute & tiny!!! Way to rock the bikini!!!


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