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Sunday, July 3, 2011

July Weekend

I officially changed the URL for this blog, finally. I kept forgetting until today. It's much shorter (i.e.: easier for me to type) and, while it doesn't fit the title of the blog, it's easy to remember. Oh my goodness, what trouble it was to come up with a new URL. Seriously, it took 100 tries to get to one I was satisfied with and wasn't taken. You wouldn't believe the amount of B and C's there are out there, every variety, and how many of them don't even use their blog past the first post. For shame! ;)

This post will have a noticeable lack of photos. Whoops.

We've been a busy couple! Saturday, we had a yard sale with our neighbors. Cross that off my 101 in 1001! We sat outside from 7 to noon selling our junk. We actually got rid of all our big items, which I'm happy about. We made about $100! Going in the jar for a date night or something. I received a nice sunburn from the day, oh well. The rest of the day I sat in the garage while Brandon cleaned his car, and then we hung out inside. It was nice!

Today, we went grocery shopping, and then went down to the big mall in Waikiki. Brandon needed to fix his nook at Barnes & Noble. We ended up getting some lunch at the food court before heading to our next stop, Baby Awearness.

It was an awesome store! We were the only ones in there so the lady helped me with a Moby wrap, and then answered all our questions on cloth diapers. I'm starting to feel better and better about this decision we made. Cloth diapering is really going to fit into our family well.

My plan for the rest of the evening, as Brandon puts new brakes on my car, is to work on some baby registry stuff and do more cloth diaper research.

Tomorrow, we're celebrating our independence out with the rest of post and our neighbors, barbecuing and hanging out. This is only the second 4th of July I've ever spent physically with Brandon, so it should be fun! Can't wait for fireworks!

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  1. Can I please recommend something? It's called the Ergo baby carrier. It is so awesome! My friend never used her Moby wrap again after using the Ergo. I had two Baby Bjorns that I never used after I got the Ergo. I was big into carrying my little ones and it can really hurt your back, but the Ergo was really comfortable. It also has a hood you can attach over the baby's head for privacy when you are nursing. You can also get it in organic fabric. :)


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