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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Having a Ball!

Brandon's unit ball was last night! I'll be honest, we weren't totally looking forward to it. I would've rather spent out ticket money on our trip to Australia than spend a night with a bunch of crazy, drunk soldiers. But mandatory fun is mandatory fun! And we made the best of it!

Really, it took us longer to get ready and get down there than we spent at the ball. Luckily, I had bought this nice dark navy blue dress from Ross for only $18 and some silver shoes from Payless for $11, so we saved a good amount there. It cost me $50 to get my hair done! Haha. She did a great job, though, and put my hair is a cute chignon. Brandon even put some pomade in his hair to make it nice and sleek.

I may be a bit biased, but he's the most handsome guy I've seen! Even when he makes that face. Hehe.

It took us over an hour to drive down there because we were stuck in massive Waikiki traffic. Seriously, 45 minutes of our trip was in a mile stretch downtown. Once we parked, we headed in and got there right in time for the receiving line, bar and photos. We were sitting towards the front of the ballroom with a few people we knew.

The soldiers were rowdy the entire time and the CSM (Command Sergeant Major) had to get up there to yell at them to shut up. It was funny. They did the formal part of the ball - posting of the colors, invocation, toasts, etc. before we got to eat. Oh, and they did the Grog Ceremony too! It was hilarious - the soldiers describing the drinks stood up there chugging them out of the bottles. One guy chugged an entire bottle of Blue Hawaiian!

Finally, the food came! Brandon and I both got the steak!

After dinner, they finished the formal portion with retiring the colors and all. Brandon and I got out of there quick. I've been feeling sick to my stomach lately and I could barely eat, plus I was exhausted, even though it wasn't even 9pm yet! I had to drive home because Brandon had a few drinks and I was nearly falling asleep. Darn pregnancy ;).

Once we got home I had to shower to wash out all that hair spray, and we literally passed out afterwards, we were so tired. It was a fun and eventful day though!


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