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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Great News and Pet Birthdays!

We received great news yesterday. Remember when Brandon was submitting his packet to be a warrant officer helicopter pilot? Well, the board met last week. Brandon decided to check the results last night, though we didn't expect to know so early. Well...

Brandon got into flight school!!

We'll be moving to Ft Rucker sometime in the next couple of months or after the baby is born! So excited!! He's wanted this for so long and now it's happening. Yay!

(that's the helicopter he wants to fly)

This is promising to be an awesome week. First, flight school. Second, our ultrasound tomorrow. Third, Australia the next day! But another important thing is happening this week: Dexter and Winston's birthdays!

Last year, I left for Canada on Dexter's birthday and this year, we're leaving for Australia. Maybe next year we can celebrate on their birthdays! Dexter was born July 28, 2009, and Winston was born July 29, 2009. Yep, only a day apart. We got them a week apart and they grew up together. They've been awesome companions and have provided us with hours of joy and frustration! Haha.

I could only get pictures of Dexter when he was sleeping as a puppy because he was so hyper, always moving. Heck, he's like that now, but at least he's trained to stay!

Winston was a cute kitty who was covered with fleas when we got him, poor thing. He wasn't trained so well (peed on a lot of stuff) but now he's much better.

Happy Birthday to my babies!! Sorry we can't be here for the real day!!

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