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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bus rides and a movie

The last time I rode on public transportation was in high school, when my friends and I had season passes to Six Flags and we rode the bus all the way down to Denver once a week. It was a bit more thrilling then. My mom can testify that I've never been a fan of buses. They're loud, they're full of strangers, and I don't trust them. I never liked riding the school bus - as soon as I was old enough, my mom let me walk the 1.5 miles to school. Public transportation, not so much.

But with Brandon's sister staying at our house while we're gone with no license, we had to take the leap and show her how to ride the bus! This morning we hopped on the bus at about 10:20am and rode it down the road to the creepy town we live near. Then we waited at the bus stop for a good half hour for the next ride. That bus brought us to where we were going: the movies!

Notice my strained smile. I was having some serious anxiety issues. I just like to be in control and hate waiting for the bus. Especially for a 15 minute drive... this ride took over an hour.

Oh, and then we saw Harry Potter 7.2! And it rocked. I had to stifle some tears during the intense parts. I really enjoyed it. Now I need to re-read the books!

Side note: Baby S loves HP already. I was noticing some serious kicks/punches for half the movie!

After some Menchie's fro-yo, we were back at the bus stop, trying to figure out when the next bus was coming. Google Maps was being dumb and saying it would be another hour at least, but we found that the bus was actually arriving ten minutes from then. And then we had to wait 40 minutes at the bus stop in the creepy town. Yay.

Again, strained smile from me. Brandon was such a trooper, putting up with my whining and anxiety. He's been so good lately! Haha.

Back home, we walked the dog and are about to make dinner. Then yes, it's another Netflix to watch!

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