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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Busy Day!

Today was finally a busy day! We got up and got ready right away, since we wanted to be at our first place right as traffic died down. We managed to pick the best time to leave because we hardly had to hit the brakes. It was great!

Our first stop was Diamond Head Crater, the famous volcano outside of Waikiki that after 2 years of living here, we've never actually climbed. This was the hike we attempted to do on Thursday but failed because of parking. We managed to get some parking and started up.
Even pregnant Chantal could do the hike. Towards the top my heart was beating and my breath was fast, but I managed to make it. We stopped at the first lookout for a breather and some photos of the surrounding area.

At the top we squeezed our way through to view the top of the crater and see the surrounding area. It doesn't seem that tall once you're up there, but we knew we were a ways up. The hike wasn't that difficult and was really fun. See, I can still hike as my belly grows! I'm glad we managed to get up there!

Our next stop was Waikiki. We debated trying to find somewhere special for lunch but settled on a "cheap" Hawaiian lunch at Subway. You know those $5 footlong commercials? Yeah, they don't really apply here, like most commercials. And paying for a teenager too - yikes! It's like we suddenly adopted a child and it's wearing on my budget haha. This is good practice, though our baby won't come out with the appetite of a 17 year-old.

After lunch we went on a catamaran ride with Outrigger Catamaran! This was my fourth time, Brandon's third, and we wanted to share it with Mallory. The ride lasted an hour and a half, and it was tons of fun. We got some good speed and even saw a turtle! It was a great ride, even if we got splashed a bit.

(I couldn't help but share a picture of my handsome husband. I took some great pics of him today!)

Before heading home, we stopped for an early dinner at Giovanni Pastrami's, one of our favorite restaurants. Their pizza rocks! We all got a personal pizza and gobbled them up.

We decided to brave the traffic and head home early - we were tired. Traffic actually wasn't so bad, we only spent about 16 minutes in it, and then we were speeding towards home. Back home we retired to the couch and watched a movie while I played on my computer, and now we're hanging out until bedtime. Busy day!!

Watch out for my Wednesday baby update - we'll be revealing the sex!!

Also, we leave for Australia this week. We won't be bringing our laptops or phones, so I won't be blogging/posting pics/anything until we get back. Ah! Off the grid!! My poor head is starting to freak out already!

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