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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

18 Weeks

How Far Along: 18 weeks, 22 weeks to go!

Size of baby: Baby S is about 5.5 inches, the size of a sweet potato, and weighs approx. 6.7 oz.

Weight Gain/Loss: No change, still!

Body Changes: The normal aches and pains from my belly expanding.

Gender: 2 more weeks until our anatomy ultrasound!

Movement: Yes! I'm sure of it now! It's very very tiny, but I feel little taps and thumps when I'm laying quietly. Right on time, according to everything I've been reading.

Sleep: I've been sleeping more and more, and I love it!

What I miss: Roller coasters, water slides, horseback riding, skydiving... hehe.

Cravings: Cheese and fruit. All healthy stuff.

Symptoms: My first trimester nausea has returned. Yay. I'm having issues eating most meat, so I have to be careful and eat slowly. I can only eat so much too before feeling sick. Time to start eating tons and tons of snacks.

Best Moment this week: Taking the picture below.

I said to Brandon, do I really look that pregnant? Ok, I know, it's not that big, but for me... it is! I'm finally seeing something! Since I haven't gained any weight, I was thinking I wasn't gaining so much belly, but I suppose I am now. I've been taking photos since 6 weeks and it's awesome to see the changes, especially in the last 5 weeks when my belly really started bulging. This week, I stopped taking photos of my bare belly and will be wearing a shirt over it. I think it looks better!

As for my nausea... it came out of nowhere one day. I was curled on the couch like I had morning sickness again and poor Brandon had to take care of me. He's such a good guy. Since then, I've been having issues eating meat and getting much food in there. Christina said it could be the baby messing with my stomach. Stop dancing on my belly, Baby!

In two weeks, we find out what we're having! I'll start entertaining guesses now. Oh, and we leave in 2 weeks for Australia. And Dexy & Winny turn 2 years old! So much exciting stuff is happening at the end of July!

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  1. Just found your blog...

    I didn't gain any weight until I hit the 20 week mark. I too was ubber sick during my first trimester.

    I am 27 weeks now and occasionally still get the nausea etc. so I hope this bout for you was a one time thing!

    You look great! :)


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