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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Off We Go!

We've packed our bags, got our passports and are boarding a plane today for Australia!
We'll be off the grid until we get back mid-August, so don't expect to see photos for a bit.

We can't wait to land and start our new adventure in Australia! Wish us luck!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

20 Weeks and Gender Reveal!!

We had our 20 week ultrasound this morning!! Brandon and I were super excited to see our little baby. What a sight! Our baby has grown so big, and still has a long way to go. Brandon was so proud to see his little baby floating around in my belly. We had such a great time and yes,

we found out what we're having...

It's a GIRL!!

Yep, that's a picture of her stuff. I'm hoping this will be the only picture on the internet of the area haha. Yay! We were pretty sure it was a boy but I had my nagging doubts - I guess I should've listened to my heart. Our Baby S is now Baby Girl S. We have a name picked out, but now that we know for sure it's a girl, we have to think about it some more! Haha. I'll let you know when we've decided for sure.

How Far Along: 20 weeks, 20 weeks to go! We're halfway!

Size of baby: Baby S is about 6.5 inches long, the size of a small cantaloupe or large banana, and weighs approx. 10 oz.

Weight Gain/Loss: I've gained 2 pounds! It's always nice :)

Body Changes: My belly is getting larger every day. No other changes.

Gender: It's a GIRL!

Movement: Every day I get about one kick, though apparently the placenta is in the front, so I won't feel things as much. I suppose that's ok! As long as she's fine, I'm fine.

Sleep: Been sleeping almost 10 hours a night most nights. It's wonderful.

What I miss: Sleeping on my back. It's the worse.

Cravings: Bread and cheese. Yum.

Symptoms: I've been feeling extremely hungry, so it's good to have snacks around. I've been exceptionally moody. Sorry guy :P

Best Moment this week: Having our ultrasound and finding out what our baby is!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Great News and Pet Birthdays!

We received great news yesterday. Remember when Brandon was submitting his packet to be a warrant officer helicopter pilot? Well, the board met last week. Brandon decided to check the results last night, though we didn't expect to know so early. Well...

Brandon got into flight school!!

We'll be moving to Ft Rucker sometime in the next couple of months or after the baby is born! So excited!! He's wanted this for so long and now it's happening. Yay!

(that's the helicopter he wants to fly)

This is promising to be an awesome week. First, flight school. Second, our ultrasound tomorrow. Third, Australia the next day! But another important thing is happening this week: Dexter and Winston's birthdays!

Last year, I left for Canada on Dexter's birthday and this year, we're leaving for Australia. Maybe next year we can celebrate on their birthdays! Dexter was born July 28, 2009, and Winston was born July 29, 2009. Yep, only a day apart. We got them a week apart and they grew up together. They've been awesome companions and have provided us with hours of joy and frustration! Haha.

I could only get pictures of Dexter when he was sleeping as a puppy because he was so hyper, always moving. Heck, he's like that now, but at least he's trained to stay!

Winston was a cute kitty who was covered with fleas when we got him, poor thing. He wasn't trained so well (peed on a lot of stuff) but now he's much better.

Happy Birthday to my babies!! Sorry we can't be here for the real day!!

Another Busy Day!

Today was finally a busy day! We got up and got ready right away, since we wanted to be at our first place right as traffic died down. We managed to pick the best time to leave because we hardly had to hit the brakes. It was great!

Our first stop was Diamond Head Crater, the famous volcano outside of Waikiki that after 2 years of living here, we've never actually climbed. This was the hike we attempted to do on Thursday but failed because of parking. We managed to get some parking and started up.
Even pregnant Chantal could do the hike. Towards the top my heart was beating and my breath was fast, but I managed to make it. We stopped at the first lookout for a breather and some photos of the surrounding area.

At the top we squeezed our way through to view the top of the crater and see the surrounding area. It doesn't seem that tall once you're up there, but we knew we were a ways up. The hike wasn't that difficult and was really fun. See, I can still hike as my belly grows! I'm glad we managed to get up there!

Our next stop was Waikiki. We debated trying to find somewhere special for lunch but settled on a "cheap" Hawaiian lunch at Subway. You know those $5 footlong commercials? Yeah, they don't really apply here, like most commercials. And paying for a teenager too - yikes! It's like we suddenly adopted a child and it's wearing on my budget haha. This is good practice, though our baby won't come out with the appetite of a 17 year-old.

After lunch we went on a catamaran ride with Outrigger Catamaran! This was my fourth time, Brandon's third, and we wanted to share it with Mallory. The ride lasted an hour and a half, and it was tons of fun. We got some good speed and even saw a turtle! It was a great ride, even if we got splashed a bit.

(I couldn't help but share a picture of my handsome husband. I took some great pics of him today!)

Before heading home, we stopped for an early dinner at Giovanni Pastrami's, one of our favorite restaurants. Their pizza rocks! We all got a personal pizza and gobbled them up.

We decided to brave the traffic and head home early - we were tired. Traffic actually wasn't so bad, we only spent about 16 minutes in it, and then we were speeding towards home. Back home we retired to the couch and watched a movie while I played on my computer, and now we're hanging out until bedtime. Busy day!!

Watch out for my Wednesday baby update - we'll be revealing the sex!!

Also, we leave for Australia this week. We won't be bringing our laptops or phones, so I won't be blogging/posting pics/anything until we get back. Ah! Off the grid!! My poor head is starting to freak out already!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Uneventful Weekend

Seriously, it's been an uneventful weekend. I don't mind it so much, though I've gotten restless a few times. These two (Brandon and his sister) don't mind sitting around the house all day. I get a little stir-crazy after a bit. I feel a bit bad since we haven't been doing stuff before we leave. I just hate feeling like a bad hostess!

Anyway, Friday was a whole lot of nothing. We went to Costco at one point to buy some rum and ice cream. We came out with those two, a backpack, a case of beer and two packs of bagels. Whoops.

Saturday, Brandon and I attended a fun cloth diaper class! It was very informative and we are pretty certain about what we want to do. I'm excited about it!! We then went to Costco and Wal-Mart for a bit, but mostly just to get some pizza to eat. We played some board games.

And today? Not much. We thought we'd go to the beach after going to the farmer's market, but when we saw some gross looking clouds, we decided to go home and hash out a new plan. The new plan saw us hanging around the house again until I dragged them out to Borders Express, just to get out. I picked up some games and puzzles books for our trip!

So yeah, uneventful. We have a busy day tomorrow and really, we'll be busy until we leave on Thursday. Wednesday is the ultrasound! This is a good week!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tech Issues

I'm going to give you a real blog post later, I promise!

I'm whiny because I used to have a Swagbucks toolbar at the top of Safari, but when I got my most recent Mac update, it deleted it and won't let me put it back on! Anyone know anything about Macs and Safari? I can't find anything to help!

Also, it's weird, but people have been commenting on posts from a year ago on my other blog. I don't know if Blogger is reposting these or not... but they shouldn't! So if you're also subscribed to Chantal's Blog, if you see some posts popping up, check out the date. I don't use that blog anymore!

Otherwise... still trying to figure out the best way to convey the new blog URL and get my blog posts to show up. I'll figure it out eventually.

Friday, July 22, 2011

More Beach and Manoa Falls

My most recent article has posted on the Homefront United Network! Check it out: Pregnancy in the Military: Part Three - Coming Home.

I've neglected my blog for a couple days because we've just been so busy! On Wednesday we relaxed a bit in the morning, though I spent a lot of the time working on our Australia plan. Oh my goodness, we leave NEXT WEEK. We then went to the beach on the west coast of the island to one of our favorite beaches, Electric Beach.

Seeing as it was early afternoon on a Wednesday, the beach was nearly deserted. There were a few kids boogie boarding in the waves and a couple guys fishing, but no one near our little spot. We found a place with some shade but plenty of sun. The sand and sun were HOT, but the water was the perfect temperature. We swam out for a bit over the coral and regretted not bringing our snorkel gear because this is one of the best snorkeling beaches on the island. We still had a great time reading and relaxing!

We had a yummy dinner at Aloha Salads after walking around the shopping area a bit. We ended up buying some clothes at Ross and Target for our trip. It was a good, tiring day!

I even "drank" some beer, hehe. Don't worry, no babies were harmed and no beer was ingested :P

Thursday, our plan was to hike up Diamond Head. Well, we got all the way there and found out there was hardly any parking and they were closing early. Great. We made the executive decision to hike Manoa Falls instead, which was a few miles away. A total difference too! From hot volcano crater to rainy jungle.

I'm proud to say I only got one mosquito bite. A huge one, but only one. The hike was easy enough for my little pregnant body and I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed it.

We ended our trip at The Counter for some delicious hamburgers, and then headed back to post before traffic got too bad. We stopped by ITR, my old stomping grounds, to buy tickets for a catamaran ride next week, and I sat around chatting for a bit.

Back home, I dragged Brandon over to our neighbors to say hi, and then down the street to the Pet Expo, where we scored some free swag for Dexter. That night, since we had no Netflix coming in, we all sat around the table and played board games! Brandon killed us at Scrabble (whatever, he always wins) and then we played a fun card game called Fluxx.

Wow, we've been busy!! Today is going to be an easier day while Brandon entertains his sister and I work on our Australia plan some more. We are way behind!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

19 Weeks!

How Far Along: 19 weeks, 21 weeks to go!

Size of baby: Baby S is about 6 inches long, the size of a mango, and weighs approx. 8.5 oz.

Weight Gain/Loss: Still no change! My metabolism must be soaring because I feel like I'm eating a bunch, with no changes.

Body Changes: Belly getting bigger, slowly but surely.

Gender: 1 more week until we find out! What do you think it is?

Movement: Yep! Like I mentioned last post, Baby S was kicking me during the movie. I feel noticeable kicks and wiggles every once in awhile. Sometimes I wish it was more frequent, though I know I should enjoy the peace while I have it.

Sleep: I've been sleeping longer and sounder, except for getting up once in the middle of the night. Still struggling with sleeping on my side vs. my back.

What I miss: Being able to stand in the hot sun for longer than 10 minutes. I get overheated fast!

Cravings: Ice cream, french bread, potatoes... starches.

Symptoms: My nausea has gone away again and my appetite has returned full-force. I've been feeling some ligament pain, but otherwise, feeling great.

Best Moment this week: Feeling more and more movement. I've discovered that maternity pants are super comfy and bought 3 pairs for $3 at a yard sale. I don't absolutely need them yet, but I don't mind wearing them sometimes!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bus rides and a movie

The last time I rode on public transportation was in high school, when my friends and I had season passes to Six Flags and we rode the bus all the way down to Denver once a week. It was a bit more thrilling then. My mom can testify that I've never been a fan of buses. They're loud, they're full of strangers, and I don't trust them. I never liked riding the school bus - as soon as I was old enough, my mom let me walk the 1.5 miles to school. Public transportation, not so much.

But with Brandon's sister staying at our house while we're gone with no license, we had to take the leap and show her how to ride the bus! This morning we hopped on the bus at about 10:20am and rode it down the road to the creepy town we live near. Then we waited at the bus stop for a good half hour for the next ride. That bus brought us to where we were going: the movies!

Notice my strained smile. I was having some serious anxiety issues. I just like to be in control and hate waiting for the bus. Especially for a 15 minute drive... this ride took over an hour.

Oh, and then we saw Harry Potter 7.2! And it rocked. I had to stifle some tears during the intense parts. I really enjoyed it. Now I need to re-read the books!

Side note: Baby S loves HP already. I was noticing some serious kicks/punches for half the movie!

After some Menchie's fro-yo, we were back at the bus stop, trying to figure out when the next bus was coming. Google Maps was being dumb and saying it would be another hour at least, but we found that the bus was actually arriving ten minutes from then. And then we had to wait 40 minutes at the bus stop in the creepy town. Yay.

Again, strained smile from me. Brandon was such a trooper, putting up with my whining and anxiety. He's been so good lately! Haha.

Back home, we walked the dog and are about to make dinner. Then yes, it's another Netflix to watch!

Monday Funday

Our day started slower today. Brandon woke up and went to PT, and then decided that instead of signing out on leave next Monday, he's going to do it today. Last night we had calculated all the leave days we would have left and it turned out fine. Now he doesn't have to shave or go to PT for nearly a month!

We went to an office to get Mallory a visitors pass and then headed to the PX to buy me some new sunglasses since mine broke. We were back home after fighting some random traffic and relaxing a bit until lunch. I was super grumpy (I'm blaming pregnancy hormones for this one) but after a bit, Brandon cheered me up!

After lunch, we headed off to the beach! We went to a familiar one, Three Tables, and found a parking spot right away! Surprising, in Hawaii! We grabbed our stuff and found a pretty spot in a back corner to set up.

We spent a few hours relaxing at the beach. Brandon and I read our books and Mallory sketched in her sketchbook. We also floated in the water, swam away as Brandon chased us, looking for shells and cool rocks, and climbed some lava rock that borders the beach. It was very relaxing!

Back home we relaxed (common theme!), made a delicious dinner, and sat down to watch another movie. It's been a good day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday in Hawaii

We have had a busy day today! We haven't done this much moving around for a good long time, but it was nice. Our day started early with a yummy breakfast of thick-cut bacon and eggs. We had to start early because I like to get to the commissary at 8am on Sunday - it's the golden time!

After grocery shopping, we headed up to the North Shore to visit the farmers market and an art festival going on. We were all excited to visit the farmers market, it had been such a long time for all of us. This is Mallory and I at the front.

We walked along the length and checked out all the yummy free samples. Brandon ended up buying some Lilikoi butter - it was delicious. He unfortunately didn't want to get this huge jak fruit.

Mallory and I ended up getting a couple popsicles while we walked through the market. I got the strawberry lemonade kind and she got the mango. After the farmers market we went up the street to the annual Haleiwa Art Festival. This is Brandon and Mallory waiting for me to take a picture so we could go!

It was really cool to see so much local Hawaiian art. They were plenty of beautiful pieces! Unfortunately, they were also plenty expensive, so we came out with only memories.

When we were done there, we headed back home to change into bathing suits. First, we had to accompany Christina and her family to the airport so we could drive her car back home. That didn't take too long and soon we were off down the road to Hickam Beach to hang out. We ended up at the dog beach with Dexter. It's not the prettiest beach, but the sun was hot and the water was nice enough. We had a good time!

Our tummies started rumbling, so we got some Subway on our way home. When we got home, we headed to our neighbors to say hi and return something they had given us. We ended up staying there for a few hours just chatting! I love these guys, I'll hate it when they leave.

Now, after a yummy dinner of salad with grilled chicken on top, we're watching a movie and relaxing. I bet tomorrow will be just as busy a day!