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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I'm back!

After a 72-hour pass, Brandon is back to work and I'm back to work! He should still have some easy days until block leave next month, but he won't be around 24/7. It's messing with my mind!

My blog will be going through some changes. The two biggest ones being...

1. The titles of my blog posts will actually be unique. Yikes, I have to start coming up with them!
2. A new blog name!! So watch for a new header with a new name, and a new url. Don't worry, if you're subscribed, it shouldn't mess with your updates.

I wanted to tell you all about homecoming! It was an exciting day and I've been itching to come update you. Then later today, I'm going to post a pregnancy update. It's Wednesday, after all!

Saturday started pretty normal. I had some last minute stuff to do around the house, so before dog training I cleaned up the backyard (so Joe could mow one last time) and started some laundry. Then it was off to dog training!

After training I had to drive down to the NEX to pick up my ring. Oh, it's so shiny and new now, I love it. Then it was a race back home because I had to shower, finish cleaning, bathe the dog, make lemon bars, finish laundry, make the bed... ah! I was running around trying to get ready but managed to do it just fine. I left the house just after 2pm to go over to Christina's one last time, since she lives right near the pick-up zone.

I got down to the ceremony area at about 4pm, because the ceremony was scheduled for 5:20pm. I found someone I knew and chatted with her a bit before staking my claim on a couple chairs. I oddly didn't feel that nervous, though later when my photographer friend Bonnie-Jean arrived, I just couldn't stop talking. I guess I was excited!

Finally, the ceremony began! I couldn't see him walk in or in formation, but I knew he was in there, of course. They did the national anthem and a couple other songs, then dismissed everyone! There was a mad rush for the soldiers, but I had told Brandon to come to the left of the area, where I would be sitting.

This is me wondering where he was. I guess we had a miscommunication and he went to the right. Whoops! So Bonnie-Jean and I kept an eye out for Brandon. Finally we spotted him standing on a chair (haha) looking for me! His face broke out in a grin when he spotted me and he hurried over. Then we hugged and kissed!

We headed home soon after that. The poor guy was super tired from the time change and then loooonngg travel time, but he's so happy to be home. Of course, I'm happy to have him home too! Now we have to discover how to live with each other again. ;)


  1. Aww, I'm so happy for you! I told M the same thing... where I would be sitting and what I was wearing. We found each other midway. I love the pictures!!

  2. LOVE this!!! SO excited for you!!! Enjoy this re-adjustment period!

  3. So exciting! I dont know how you do it! It takes a strong woman to be married to a man in the military!

    I'm your newest follower!

  4. Aww, yay! So happy!
    We got to stand outside the hangar when the guys got bussed over from the airport. (Their unit is right behind the airport.) We all waved our flags and yelled at them. Then we rushed inside to get our seats. (I'd been there for two hours already, so I had a great seat in the second row.) As soon as they started marching in, I wsa scanning faces to find my man! I found him and tried my best to keep from crying; didn't want to make him cry. I held my new baby niece up for him to see her because he hadn't met her yet or seen pictures. She was only a month old and oh-so freakin' cute!
    As soon as they let them break formation, it was a mad dash to get into each other's arms. Then we raced outside and were the first ones to leave the parking lot. Then we met up with my family at a restaurant so we could all spend time together before he and I left for Florida.
    I can't believe Brandon is already back at work! What?? J got almost 4 months off. That's crazy!

    So glad he's home! I know you're relieved. How are you adjusting to sharing the bed? LOL. That was my biggest readjustment.


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