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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day Three Hundred Forty-Four

First: My second Homefront United article posted today, called Embrace the New Culture. Check it out!

Second: Want some BOGO Fandango tickets? Head to LivingSocial for todays deal! I get something special if a few people buy it. Seriously, it's worth it.

Third: My day.

Woke up. Chatted with Brandon. Showered. Sat down and wrote for 30 minutes. I'm really getting into this new little novel of mine! I'm taking the stance of just writing for fun, and it's actually kind of fun. Anyway, Christina texted me asking if I want to go to Costco. Sure, why not. I like Costco!

We went to Costco, shopped around, ate some samples, then headed home. Marcus took a nap while we watched TV then played a game of Clue. I won, by the way. It's a super easy game to win when there's only two of you. We eventually played some Wii, lamenting the bad weather that prevented us from enjoying the botanical gardens. Ah well!

I left there to come home and clean my house. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, something I've been needing to do for awhile. It looks nice now!! All dusted and vacuumed and shower de-molded. Then I sat down to finally read through emails and relax with a blog post and a movie.

Come back early tomorrow for a surprise blog post: I'm hosting the Milspouse Round-Up!!

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  1. I read the article you wrote, and wrote a small comment of my own. What a great article, not just about Hawaii, but moving anywhere with an open mind and embracing where you are.


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