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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day Three Hundred Forty-Two

There's a ghost in my house. There has to be, because why else would Dexter bark madly at 3:30am? I woke up to him growling and then this loud, massive howl bark, which terrifies me when it's nighttime. It sounds a lot like his "someone's at the door" barks. I told him to shut up but after he stood at my door very intently, I had to go investigate. Great. I figured it was the cat trying to eat his food (he does that a lot) but when I stepped off the bed, I nearly stepped on the kitty. Yikes. My alarms went up.

I grabbed my phone, ready to call the MPs if I needed to, and angry that I didn't have a good weapon! The guns are locked up and the samurai sword is hidden. Hey, I'll use a sword if I need to! Dexter is my back up, but he stayed behind me as we walked down the stairs, and wouldn't go past the landing until I went into the kitchen. Thanks, dog.

Thankfully, it was nothing, except a ghost or whatever. Dexter was all wary which made me all wary and between 3:30am and 5am, I barely slept. Every house noise made me open my eyes and for awhile, I thought of throwing in the towel. Eventually I slept fitfully until after 7am.

So yeah, my day started out a bit grumpy. It hasn't helped that in the last 3 days I've talked to Brandon for a total of 30 minutes. I know he's super busy and will be for a couple days more, but it doesn't mean I like it!

And what else is better for a grumpy morning? A trip to the DMV! Surprisingly, it calmed me down. With my safety inspection and waiting in line, it took a total of an hour and a half. But I was able to relax, play games on my phone, eavesdrop and be quiet for a bit. Now I'm driving a legal car! Brandon will be so proud when he hears.

After a fairly typical day of being tempted at Old Navy, I came home to relax some more. Before dinner I got this urge to make muffins, so... I made some!

They aren't that pretty, but they're tasty. It's just a regular muffin with jelly on top - a jelly muffin! A simple recipe with stuff you most likely have in your house. I don't do these for looks, by the way, just for taste. ;)

Whoa, long post! Guess I'm talkative today without Brandon! :D


  1. What a silly dog, barking at nothing. Maybe he had a scary dream and thought it was real. I am glad it was nothing though.

  2. We have a ghost in our house too. My dog will go crazy barking at empty corners of the house. I really need to go to the DMV and get a new license, but there is nothing that sounds fun about the thought of sitting around forever, taking a written test, and most importantly, making sure my hair looks right for my picture.


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