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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day Three Hundred Forty-Seven

Let's talk about deployment for a second.

Three hundred and forty-seven days ago, Brandon left for his deployment to Iraq. It feels like a whole other lifetime. It's just so odd how I'm so far in and now I'm comfortable, now I have a routine, and this has become my new normal. Having an internet relationship with my husband is normal. Going to bed alone is normal. Seeing the photos of the two of us on the wall but only one of us here is normal.

Don't worry, I'm still excited for him to come back. Beyond excited. Anxious. Impatient. Ready. So so ready. I'm ready to get back into a different normal, the normal normal. This whole military life gets you used to changes and saying goodbye and saying hello over and over again.

We've been lucky during this deployment. I've been able to talk to Brandon almost every single day, most of the time twice a day. He's had a fairly safe job (for what it's worth) and I haven't had to worry as much. We've barely fought, always a plus. Oh, and R&R was a breeze! It was like he hadn't even left! I just can't wait until he comes home.

But hey, we don't have much longer now, do we?

I don't like deployment. I'd prefer my husband to be home. Ok, sometimes it's nice to get a little breather break. Always refreshes your relationship! I like hugs, kisses, big muscles, someone to mow the lawn and fix the car, someone to watch funny shows with and to tickle me. Someone to laugh with all the time. I like having my best friend around!

This won't be our last deployment, though hopefully we have a good many years until the next one. I'm just so surprised that it's nearly done. Where did the last 347 days go? What did I do? I need to re-read my blog! At the end of it, a year can go by so quickly. Let's hope time slows down a bit when he gets home, huh?


  1. I am sooo jealous! My Donut of Miserey looks completely opposite. 3% done, 97% left.. I hope it goes by as fast as yours did.

  2. Holy smokes! It's almost over?! Woo-hoo!!!

  3. I love watching your little doughnut change! its almost time and thats so exciting for you!!!! We are only 2 months in but to me seeing your posts it seemed just yesterday you were less than half way and now its almost over! Gives me great hope!!


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