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Friday, June 10, 2011

Day Three Hundred Forty-Five

Wow! What a great Milspouse Weekly Roundup! I was so happy to be asked to host and delighted to see that 36 people (as of me writing this) have linked up. Wonderful!

I was worried for a bit that the linky wouldn't work, especially because I had it scheduled to post nice and early this morning. Luckily I woke to a perfectly find blog. Yay.

I also woke up to a head cold. Oh goodness, I was hoping it was just allergies. Now I'm just hoping that it'll go away quick. It's just a stuffed nose (the sniffles!), a sore throat, and sinus pressure, plus a bit of a headache. I feel like my head is floating!

While my cold prevented me from doing much writing, it didn't stop me from going shopping with Christina. Getting up and moving always helps. We made our way down to Whole Foods, something we haven't done in ages. Seriously, I tried finding the last time we went in my blog because I know I wrote about it, and I couldn't. Whole Foods is such a trek we only get there on special occasions.

First, we had hamburgers at The Counter! I'm angry that this baby and this cold made it so I could only eat half of my delicious turkey burger, so I enjoyed it while I could. We also got some parmesan and sweet potato fries. Nom nom nom. After that we headed next door to Whole Foods, where I was looking for a good, natural cocoa butter thing to use for stretch marks. My family doesn't have a history of them, but better safe than sorry! The lady led us to the mother's section where Christina and I both found some goodies! I got this oil called Mother's Special Blend. I'm excited to start using it! Oh, and I bought a stevia-sweetened soda... I always get one when I go!

On our way home we ended up at the NEX and Target, and sometimes in between we shot Marcus with his water gun a few times. ;) I was exhausted from the day and my cold, so I bowed out once we got to post, and I've been sitting on the couch in my jammies ever since!

I think I'm gonna go get my soda and pop in my latest Netflix.

PS: It's day 345, which means one year is exactly 20 days away. But remember, he's coming home sooner than that. OMG!


  1. I am only 11 days into my first deployment with my husband and I cannot wait to be where you are with less than 20 days.. I guess I'll be feeling that way in about 11 months... Oh boy 2011, you need to speed up and fast!

  2. less than 20 days!!! how exciting!
    I have a little over 20 :)


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