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Friday, June 17, 2011

Day Three Hundred Fifty-Two

Hello new followers! I've noticed a bunch of you lately and wanted to say hey. Oh, and remind everyone to set your reply-to email. Just go to Edit Profile, Identity, then add your email in the box. This way, when you comment, I can reply straight from my email when I receive them. Cool!

I had a good day today! I got a lot of homecoming stuff done, like wash the car and clean the house. It feels good to get everything ready, even though I know he doesn't care. He even told me he doesn't care if the lawn is mowed or the house is cleaned. Well, it makes me happy, and it's nice to have an excuse to deep clean!

This afternoon I spent some time with Christina and the boys at the splash park near my house. It was fun! Marcus had a blast once I showed him how to run through the sprayers. No, I didn't go because I was wearing normal clothes, but I coaxed him through. He loved it.

We had Popeye's for dinner, nom nom. I love it! Haven't had it in awhile. Now I'm at home with another Netflix that's guaranteed to make me cry. It has dogs and people they love dying, enough said.


  1. Yay for homecoming To Do Lists! Thanks for the reply to email reminder. Thanks for joining the Roundup!

  2. i'M so JEALOUS you live in Hawaii!!! I was just there three weeks ago on my honeymoon!!!! You and your husband are so sweet :)


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