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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby Research

The decision to have a baby was the easy part! Once you get pregnant, you're bombarded with all these other choices that you have to make. There's the consumer side: Stroller, car seat, diapers, crib, high chair, changing table, and on. There's the personal side: Breastfeeding, food choices, discipline, education, so forth. There's the biggest decision of all: The name.

Brandon and I are pretty solid on the personal side of things, since we pretty much agree on that part. We're still arguing over a girl name, but we have a boy name set (ah, you won't know until we know what we're having!). It's the consumer side that's getting me...

Take strollers for instance. I'm looking at either getting a travel system (stroller, car seat, base) or half a travel system (car seat, base, Snap-n-Go frame). So, do I bother with a bulky stroller that we'll use longer? Do I do the frame and then when the baby outgrows the car seat (whenever that happens) buy a fancy umbrella stroller? Decisions.

Yesterday, I spent a good part of my day researching diapers. Cloth diapers, to be exact. Even before the idea of having a baby crossed our minds, we both came to the conclusion that we wanted to use cloth diapers. It's not only for the environmental side, it's because of the money it will save and the fact that we like more organic stuff. Disposable diapers have a lot of crude in them. Anyway, cloth diapers came as an easy decision.

The hard decision? What brand/style to use. Oh my goodness, there are a bazillion different options out there. Pre-folds, all-in-ones, the kind with the inserts... not to mention snaps, buttons, velcro... and all the different brands to choose from that all have different reviews. Changing the diaper is the easy part!

So... if you have any pointers, hand them to me. I'll take what I can get! Baby research is exhausting.


  1. I don't use cloth, so I can't help there, but for the stroller/travel system I strongly recommend the Chicco Keyfit. It's number 1 safety rated and seems super comfy for my son. I bought the travel system but honestly I never use the stroller. I bought an Ergo baby carrier and I use that whenever we go out. It is easily the most comfortable baby carrier and is seriously worth the money. It's worth it's weight in gold to me :)

    Good luck with whatever you decide!

  2. I wish it was that easy...

    But congrats to you both!

  3. I don't know anything about cloth diapers :/, but we got a full travel system, and I think it is awesome!! I felt the same way about names.. Even though I had names picked out fairly early on, I wouldn't tell anyone until I knew for sure what the gender was.. I really just didn't want anyone's opinion to bias me on the names that I personally loved. It's easier to tell people a name that is set in stone, because then they don't feel (as much of) a need to add their input!! Haha, good luck with all those crazy decisions.. I'm trying to work through them too! (:

  4. We got a travel system. It made things easier.

    And I never used cloth so I really can't help there.

  5. My youngest it now 4, so I'm probably a little outdated here, but we used cloth diapers and loved them. I used quite a variety for styles until I found what I liked. A lot of the online cloth diaper sites will offer a sample pack to try the different types (at least they used to!). I ended up liking the kind that used inserts and had snaps that could be adjusted for different sizes. They were one-size-fits-all so they worked for a really long time. I think they were called FuzziBunz.
    Hope that helps some. Good luck and congrats!

  6. I agree with the Ergo baby carrier. LOVE IT! It works best with babies five months and up though...i love a baby wrap for before then. For cloth I mostly use Bum Genius one sized pockets. For the newborn size (they don't work on newborns no matter what they say), I use bum genius newborn all in ones. Check out if you have not already. Tons of info on there. Congrats! Have fun!


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