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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

15 Weeks

If you'll notice above, I added a "Baby S" page! There you'll find all the Wednesday updates and even articles I'm writing for the Homefront United Network.

How Far Along: 15 weeks, 25 weeks to go!
Size of baby: It's about 4 inches, the size of a naval orange, approx. 2.5 oz.
Weight Gain/Loss: My weight is fluctuating between 140 and 142, so really, I've gained/lost nothing, still.
Body Changes: I have a belly! Very small, but I have to use a hairtie to keep my pants tight. Nothing else is really different.
Gender: It's a baby! Next month we'll find out!
Movement: The baby is swimming around but I won't feel it for a few more weeks, at least. I'm not exactly sure what I'm expecting to feel, either.
Sleep: It's been great! I hate having to sleep on my side, and sleeping on my stomach isn't as comfy anymore. Ah well.
What I miss: Rough play. We can't wrestle as much because I get all worried. ;)
Cravings: Fruit, french fries, ice cream.
Symptoms: Horrible acne, some mild cramping from things expanding, so tired, always hungry...
Best Moment this week: Brandon coming home!!

This is a photo from homecoming, after I showed Bonnie-Jean the belly you could see under my skirt. Yep, there's something beginning to show. Just a little one!


  1. Aww so cute! I'm loving following your pregnancy as you are a few weeks ahead of me...learning what to expect! Congrats & hope all goes well!

  2. You're pregnant??!?! God, I need to keep up with my blogs. Congratulations!!

  3. you may be surprised....i have felt this little one since week feels like a butterfly in your belly at first...almost like gass bubbles that get stronger the further you go....then you will feel little mini that is what i am feeling now...primarily to my bladder:-)

  4. real quick do you add that seperate link to "BabyS" and then all the links to the posts? i would like to do this so i can have a "baby journal" for this one...seperate from the rest of my blog:-)


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